Yesterday ( 22/10/15) I attended the world premiere of Ed sheerans Wembley concert film jumpers for goalposts. The film was being premiered Live from Leicester Square and being broadcasted worldwide to selected cinemas.

When I found out ed was making a movie I was so excited, I wanted to go to the premiere but i found out it was for contest winners only. I wasn’t even going to attempt to enter because I have never won anything and I have no luck.


A couple of weeks after the announcement of the film I saw a tweet from Atlantic records with a chance to Win tickets. To enter the competition you had to tweet your questions and the best 5 got a pair of tickets each.
I spent my weekend non stop tweeting, I think in total i tweeted 800+ tweets to this competition.
I would do anything to have won. Eventually I got banned from tweeting because of the tweet limit, I had to start using my other accounts and my mums account.

I entered a bunch of other competitions not expecting to win anything. I was spending all my time entering and tweeting.

Last Tuesday I got home and I was ready to go onto the computer and enter more and more. When my phone went off.


I started screaming so so so loud and jumping around I couldn’t believe my luck it was absolutely amazing.

So anyway a couple of days later we got the information it was only at that point that it all actually seemed real.

The day had arrived I was so excited i left school at 1 and got the 2:07 train to London. The whole way up I couldn’t contain my excitement. We got into Victoria station and got the underground to Leicester Square. We had to go the the really fancy W hotel to collect our tickets.


We got our tickets and went to go get a space along the green carpet. I got front row Yayyy. At this point it was 4:00 and ed didn’t arrive until I think it was half 5 so we had a lot of waiting to do and it was freezing but I was determined to stay I had such a great space I didn’t want to lose it. So I stood there for about an hour and a bit watching the final touches to be done to the carpet and the venue. Then the host Reggie Yates came out so we knew it was going to start soon. I saw Stuart camp (eds manager ) I screamed and shouted, he waved I was a bit shocked that not many people were shouting for stu. Then a car pulled up at the other end of the carpet and out jumps Ed the crowds go mad. He starts walking down the carpet which took a long time because he spent a lot of time with the press and he tried to meet as many fans as possible.But while I was waiting for him to come down to us,I met Tom Holland he did the interview right in front of me then I got a short video clip with him which was really nice he was really sweet. Then ed was getting closer, he finally got to us and I was screaming SOOOO loud I didn’t even know I could scream that loud. I didn’t get a proper selfie with him but I got a piece of paper signed and I got a video of him really close to me all you can hear is my screaming. I have to admit I was a little upset I didn’t get a proper selfie but I got a really nice video. I couldn’t believe how ginger he is in real life.


Then all the tickets winners started to make their way into the cinema to be seated. I decided to go in to find my seat. It was really nice they had a bottle of water and a bag of popcorn for each seat which was a nice thing to do I think. In the cinema they were showing what was happening outside so we could still see it all.
Ed and Reggie came on stage and they started to ask questions from Twitter THEY READ MINE and Reggie didn’t know how to say my name so I shouted it really loudly ed said “hi thanks ” and waved at me. He played three songs tenerife sea, bloodstream and thinking out loud. They then left the stage and the film started.


so if you didn’t already know the film is a concert film of when ed sold out three nights at the iconic Wembley stadium. It showed most of the set that he played including his special duet with Elton John. In between the performances clips were shown of ed preparing for the shows with the help of his team ,family and friends. The videos were really sweet and ed is hilarious. I have to admit though because I was at the Wembley show the performances were a bit boring to watch just because if you were there why would you want to watch the full performances but I still really enjoyed it.


So I was thinking of sticking around at the end for a chance I could maybe get a proper selfie, I get a text from my dad saying that he has just seen ed leave so there is no point in staying around. I left earlier I had asked the security guard if I could have one of the poster boards you know the ones they have stuck to the railings.He said yeah I’m sure you could. Anyway I got out the cinema they had all been given out 😦 I see my dad waving and in his hand is one of the boards. He was sitting in a pub and say this lady walking with 3 of them he had chased her down the street and gave her £10 for one. I was so happy I got one but then he said he had something to show me on this phone. He shows me this video it’s of Stuart and my dad together. Sadly there was no sound to the video as my dads phone microphone wasn’t working but you can see in the video that Stuart is wishing that I had a good time tonight and all stuff like that. I was so happy.

It was an amazing night I was so lucky to have gone to such an amazing event and I’m so grateful for everything xx

See you in my next post bye xx

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