my october playlist

So it’s October the weather is getting colder and darker, so I enjoy to listen to more acoustic, folk style music as it’s just nice to listen to when relaxing which I do more the the Autumn months.
I have like a lot of songs so far this month but here are a couple of the ones that I have had on repeat all month.

1. Writing on the wall ( from the movie spectre)-
Sam smith

So the much anticipated spectre theme song was one that I listened to lot since it has been released. I love Sam smith I have yet to find a song of his I dislike I just love him so so so much. The song really shows what Sams voice is capable of and its really easy to listen to when reading or doing homework which I really like from a song. The video is really cool as well with clips from the new movie and Sam singing in various locations. It’s amazing and you should go and check it out.

2. Running ( lose it all ) –
Naughty boy feat Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin

Running is the latest single from DJ/producer naughty boy it’s featuring the vocals of the amazing Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin. I have liked most of naughty boys songs and this one is my favourite of his. The song is a relaxed pop song which is the type of music I love to listen to most. I feel Beyoncés voice is really empowering and strong which really suits her and gives her the chance to really shine. The vocals of Arrow Benjamin are also featured on this track and I personally had never heard any of his work before this song but I am in love with his voice it’s really unique and I love it so much. I am in love with the video for this song it shows to people running under water and I think it’s a powerful video which matches the song really well.

3. Wasn’t expecting that
Jamie Lawson

Jamie Lawson is the first signing to ed sheerans record label (gingerbread man records) and this is his debut single . I LOVE THIS SONG. Jamie has such a unique voice which works so well along side his amazing songwriting talents. I have this song on repeat constantly it’s just a really easy to listen to song which you can relax to. The song is about a relationship which really sweet until it ends in a very sad way and the video is just as sweet as the song and shows the story of the relationship and will probably make you cry so make sure you have a box of tissues near.I love this and words can not explain how much I love this song.
4. Lay it all on me
Rudimental featuring ed sheeran

So if you know me you will know ed sheeran is my everything I am a huge fan so when he brings out a new single with another artist its very exiting, and after the huge success of bloodstream the last collaboration they did I couldn’t wait until lay it all on me was announced. I love rudimental so much I actually saw them as ed sheerans support act when he played Wembley in July and they are absolutely incredible. I feel eds vocals really shine in this song. There is currently no video for lay it all on me yet but ed on his snapchat has been taking pictures of him in various outfits so I’m sure that’s going to be amazing.
So thankyou I hope you enjoyed reading my October playlist I listen to a lot more songs than this but these are my absolute favourites at the moment

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