my nose piercing experience and advice

Okay so before reading this I just wanted to give a little disclaimer I am not a piercing expert this is just what worked for me it may not work for everyone but I just wanted to share it with you if you are considering a nose piercing.

I had wanted my nose pierced for while I always liked the way they looked on other people .My parents were not keen on the idea at first but I explained that i would do jobs around the house to pay for it and I would keep it clean and all the responsible stuff like that.

When I finally persuaded them to let me get it done I booked it in at my local piercing shop who have a very good reputation I had my cartilage pierced there and practically everyone I know with piercings got it done there so I had no doubts or  worries about the studio itself. So I got it pierced on the 10th of july this year I went with my mum and my close friend Ella.

When I went into the shop I was asked if I wanted a stud or a hoop I chose a simple little stud with a small gem in as I would need to have it for school and also having a hoop means the healing process may take longer I was also scared of pulling it out so a stud for me was the ideal option. The actual process was really quick it was done within a matter of minutes the lady was really nice and put me to ease she cleaned my nose, put the receiving tube to catch the needle she then pushed the needle through it was sort of a build up of pressure and a sudden release. she prepared the jewelry and clipped it onto the needle and twisted the jewelry in that was the most painful part.She then cleaned it again and it was all done. I got given a sheet saying how to clean and dos and don’ts. I have had problems and infections with all my ear piercings meaning I was a bit scared to risk infection with my nose so I probably did over clean it but it didn’t do it any harm. i have pulled it out a couple of times but i have been able to put the jewelry back in. I haven’t changed the jewelry yet and i don’t know If I will because the stud is a nice size which i feel fits my nose perfectly.

How I cleaned.

I used the pretty standard method to clean my piercing.

  1. boil a small cup of water.
  2. put two teaspoons of sea salt onto the water and stir
  3. wait for water to cool to a temperature you are happy with
  4. soak some cotton wool in the solution you have made and place over the jewelry
  5. leave for about 1 minute
  6. dip a cotton bud in the solution and rub around the outside and inside of the piercing
  7. dab dry with tissue.

Do this once in the morning and once in the evening for about 2 weeks.


  • Do research on the piecing i found watching videos really helped me understand the process and what’s going to happen and make sure you really want it before committing to it.
  • Do make sure you are getting it done in a safe studio who are qualified in piercing.
  • Do make sure you keep it clean.
  • Do wash your hands before cleaning or touching the piercing.


  • Don’t do it  yourself please don’t you may get an infection its’ not worth it just pay the money and get it done in a real studio.
  • Don’t touch it when you don’t need to you may get an infection.
  • Don’t get it done if you are not prepared to clean it.
  • don’t change the jewelry too soon after. I would recommend leaving at least 5 months just to make sure that it’s fully healed.

So that’s was my nose piercing experience and my key do’s and dont’s

hope you liked it

see you in my next post

lucy xoxo

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