What I got for Christmas 2015.

Hello, everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Today I am doing my what I got for Christmas, I am not trying to brag in any way about what I got. I am extremely grateful for everything I got.

Let’s go…


Textured nail art kit – this set comes with little 3D nail art glitters and beads it’s really cool I have already tried some things and I am in love.

Coffee lounge pants – I got these super cute lounge pants pyjamas sort of things they have the word “coffee” printed on them all over in different fonts. They are so comfy.

Hair chalk – If you know me you will know that I love to experiment with my hair. I needed a non-permanent way to colour my hair. Now I have these chalks I can have colours hair on the weekend that will wash out for school.

Ed Sheeran calendar – Yeah I don’t know how much I can say about that it’s a calendar.

2 sets of fake nails- They both were a plain French tip style which look very elegant on. They are practical and I’m allowed them at school which means I can get a couple of weeks wear out of each set.

Minion socks – I got some really cute and fluffy minion socks. I love them they are so comfortable and warm. I have actually got them on right now.


So my main gift this year was a camera. I have been wanting a camera for the last couple of years,but I hadn’t got round to getting one. I am just starting out in photography so I just wanted a small lightweight bridge camera. The camera I got was the Nikon Coolpix L840. I love it so much it’s the perfect size for me as I only have small hands. I just love it so much and I can’t wait to use it a lot more in the near future.


From my parents:

Taylor swift incredible things perfume 30ml – Last year I got two of Taylor’s other fragrances but this year I got her latest one “incredible things”.Itsmells so amazing its sort of subtle sweet scent which isn’t overpowering like some other perfumes.

Starbucks London Christmas mug -This mug is so cute.it’s a large mug with the scene of London with Christmas lights and wreaths. It’s very Christmassy, but I’m still going to use it everyday day because it’s Starbucks …why wouldn’t I.

Ed Sheeran baseball shirt-This shirt if a 3 quarter length white top with green sleeves.On the front of the shirt reads the text “ed Sheeran 1991” which if you didn’t know 1991 was the year ed was born.

Glass chess set- This chess set is so sophisticated and classy I love it. Every so often me and my dad like to have a game of chess admittedly I’m rubbish at it, but I still enjoy playing.

Special Fx horror film kit- I really want to get into special effect make-up as it’s something I have always been interested in. This kit is perfect for beginners as it comes with simple and easy to follow instructions. I can’t wait to see what I can do with it.

Ed Sheeran stadium program – I was lucky enough to have got tickets to see Ed Sheeran at his second night, of his 3 sold out nights at Wembley stadium. I didn’t buy the tour program there as I bought a t-shirt instead. The program is really cool as it is filled with pictures of ed and his team preparing for the show.

4 Photo coasters-coasters are something I have wanted for a while now, as I have a glass desk in my room which gets little rings printed easily when I place a cup on it. I got some photo coasters which I’m planning to put some photos of me and my friends in or some photos I take with my new camera.

Screens – I got a green screen set up with the screen and the poles to take cool pictures and little videos.This also came with a white screen and a black screen to use as a neutral background when taking photos to give them a more professional look.

Tripod – I often shake a lot so having a tripod to take photos with is really helpful and will come in handy when taking photos in front of my screens.

EdSheeran Wembley tote bag- Again something I considered purchasing at Wembley but didn’t. It’s a white bag with a large green X with the silhouette of Ed on the front.

From my dads side of the family:

My Nan got me the,I love bag of love which was packaged in a travel bag. Which I can use for toiletries when travelling.the bag contained 3 products that are the raspberry and blackberry body spritzer, cherry almond shower créme and the raspberry and blackberry body butter. They all smell so delightful I can’t wait to use them. She also brought me a hot water bottle which I will use a lot as its quite cold in my house.

My aunt got me the soap&glory soaper-heroes which include 5 travel size products. The five products are clean on me shower jell, the flake away body scrub, righteous butter body butter,girlio moisturising body mist and last but not least my favourite product in the whole set the hand food.

I got £10 from my cousins which I am planning to spend on buying the weeknds album.

My mums side of the family. From my nan and my uncle this year I go 4 gifts. I got some really cool Tetras lights that I hadwanted for ages.they look amazing in my room on my desk I love them so much.secondly, I got the jack wills spray trio again something I had been wanting for ages. They smell so amazing. I also got the case for my camera It’s the perfect size for my camera, meaning I can take it out.Thelast thing they got me were a pair of slippers that are designed as trainers they are so warm and comfortable.

From my great nan I got £15 and from my great-uncle, I got £20 which is planning to spend on some CDs and a bracelet.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my what I got for Christmas 2015. I have a product review coming up tomorrow which should be fun.

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