My 7 day vegan challenge.

Hello.Yes I have changed the way that this blog looks.I think it looks more professional.I am also planning to be buying my domain name soon so this web address will become which is very exciting as it feels like the next step I can make to create a more successful blog.

But all that put aside today I’m going to share with you my experience of being vegan for a week.

A couple of months ago I took on the 7 day vegan challenge.If you didn’t know a vegan is a person who does not eat animal products.I first found out abut this challenge when I found myself watching videos of people taking part in the challenge and documenting their progress.As I watched more and more I ended up wanting to take part in the challenge.After a lot of research into the challenge and what food is vegan and what isn’t I decided that I was going to try and do it.

When shopping for the food that I would eat during my challenge I did struggle to find a lot of food that I like and usually eat that is vegan,as I eat a lot of meat.Not eating meat wasn’t the only issue I faced while shopping as vegans don’t eat any animal products such as milk,dairy and bread products were also not allowed .It was surprising to me how many foods are not vegan.I felt very restricted when looking for food as most of the food I found that was vegan was very dull and boring. Eventually I had got all the food I wanted here a short list of some of the things that I brought before my week:

  • Jacket potatoes
  • plain flavour crisps
  • fruit eg. apples bannas
  • vegtables eg.carrots lettuces
  • vegan soy milk
  • crackers
  • Vegan burgers.

During my first couple of days being vegan I really wanted to give up and just grab a chocolate bar,its so easy to feel like you want to give up. I even started having headaches and feeling really tired as my body wasn’t getting the sugar that I would usually have. But eventually my body got used to not eating all the crap I usually do.I started to feel really good and full of energy.

The thing I found myself snacking out throughout the days were dry crackers,toast and jam (as some bread is vegan). I drink a lot of tea and using soy bean milk instead and I didn’t even recognise the difference .I mostly ate salad for lunch everyday which I surprisingly enjoyed as it felt and tasted fresh.In the evening I ate things such as vegan burgers and jacket potatoes with baked beans.

I thought that being vegan would be impossible but I actually enjoyed doing it,I 100% recommend this amazing challenge to anyone considering it as it was a really eye opening experience to show how small change can really benefit the way you feel.

A great website to find more out about this challenge is this site really helped me understand more about what being a vegan meant.In a couple of months time I am planning to do the challenge again as I feel more educated and I have found out about more choices available to vegans.

Hope you enjoyed this little storytime today.When I take part in this challenge again I am planning to write a post every day documenting  my progress and sharing my experience with you guys.


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Snapchat – lucymccourt17

BYE see you in my next post:)




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