What’s on my phone.

Hello everyone.

Today I am going to be doing my what’s on my phone ,I’m not going to do a huge introduction I’m just going to just right in. lets go..

*DISCLAIMER: THIS POST ISN’T SPONSORED BY ANY APPS OR BRANDS THESE ARE ALL MY OWN OPINIONS*                                                                                           phone 01

This is my first home screen thing.As you can see it has the typical I phone apps on it.At the bottom are my four most used apps;I like to have them there so they are easy to access.

phone 1 .jpg

Starting on the top row I have facetime,calculator,contacts and google.Which again are just basic apps.

On the second row I’m starting with my ‘Nikon camera app’ which I use to connect my camera to my phone to share photos.Then I have my ‘wordpress ‘app where I watch my statistics and manage my blog.’Messenger’ is just the Facebook messaging app I don’t actually use it that much as I don’t really contact people through Facebook but I have it there for when I do.Next to this I just have the ‘Facebook’app which I don’t spend to much time on but I still like to have it to see what people are up to.

The 3rd row contains my four most used apps.I have ‘Instagram’ which I spend most of my time on,’Twitter’ which I use to stay connected with celebrity’s and to keep up with my favourite bloggers. I then just have ‘snapchat’ which again I do use a lot too post what I’m doing you can add me my name is ‘lucymccourt17’. The ‘buzzfeed’ app is where I go to read articles,take quizzes and watch videos.I use it a lot when I have some time to spare.

starting the third row I have ‘youtube’ I watch way too much youtube some of the youtubes I love to watch are Shane Dawson and onision,they are both hilarious. ‘Ebay’ I use to buy things,I get a lot of my EP’s and phone cases from eBay for super cheap prices.This next app I have become obsessed with is the change 4 life ‘sugar smart’ app.This app only came out about two weeks ago but I have been using so much.You just scan the bar code on your food lables and it tell you how may sugar cubes are in that food,its really useful but also really supprising to see how much sugar your food contains.I also think giving the amount in sugar cubes is a really good way to measure it as you can picture how many sugar cubes you are eating which really helps.Next up I have the app ‘pacifca’ which tracks your mood and has sessions on it,I use this app when I am feeling stressed as it is really calming.

Last line on this screen starts with ‘daily water’ this apps tracks how much water you drink.You can also set it to give you a notification when you need a drink of water.This app is really good if you are really busy and forget to drink.I love it a lot and its very helpful I totally reccomend it to anyone.I am going to talk about the next two apps together as they do similar things ‘headspace’ and ‘breathe’ are  meditation apps and again I like to use them to relax.One thing I do have to say is that ‘headpace’ requires a subscription  to have full access to the app where as you can do a lot more on breathe.If I had to recommend one I would have to say ‘breathe’ is my favourite out of the two.Last on this page I have ‘sleep cycle’ I use this app every single night.It tracks how you sleep through your microphone.This app also has a smart alarm which gradually wakes you up which I think is really cool as it avoids the shock of a loud alarm in the morning.phone 2

This is the last screen on my phone,its mostly games this page changes a lot i often get bored of games and then delete them but this is what it currently looks like.

Starting of the first line is periscope I never use this I downloaded it ages ago and I went on it once I am not sure why its there I just haven’t got round to getting rid of it.Next I have the ‘H light’app.I have a couple if the H lighbulbs in my house.If you don’t know what they are they are bluetooth lightbulbs that you control from your phone from this app. ‘Auction wars’ my friend Ella and I love to play this game its just like the TV show auction wars.I like to play it when I get bored as it kills time and is actually quite fun.The stacker app this app is so annoying. It is the app of the popular arcade game ‘stacker’ A GAME WHICH I CAN NOT WIN.In a recent visit to Hastings I put £10 into a stacker machine and got nothing out of it.So having the app means I can play the game without losing all my money.

Next up I have the ‘battleships’ app a game my Dad and I enjoy to play as you can connect through WIFI and play against your friends and family.I then have ‘neko Atsume’ which if you didn’t know is a game where you try to attract cats to come to your garden and they leave gifts.That it all it is but I have found myself becoming addicted to it since my friend Ella told me about it a couple of weeks ago.Then there is  ‘show my homework’ where I track my homework;it really helps me to stay organised.Last on this line I have ‘song-pop’.I really enjoy playing ‘songpop’ and I am rather good at it if I do say so myself. I love competing against other people all over the world.

My last two apps are just an Ed Sheeran quiz thing and the Lloyds banking app which I use to track my bank.

That was my what’s on my phone hope you enjoyed it.

See you in my next post byeeee xx


instagram – lucy_mccourt_xoxo

snapchat – lucymccourt17

twitter – lucy_mccourt

email – lucymccourt@ymail.com

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