Hello everyone,Happy valentines day.Fun fact today is also Ferris wheel day,yes that’s a thing.I found an article here on how you can celebrate Ferris wheel day you can read that here : http://www.wikihow.com/Celebrate-Ferris-Wheel-Day I don’t know why you would want to but if you do there you should go,you’re welcome.

So today I’m doing my first ever Q&A (yay me).I asked my followers on my various social media sites asking for questions and here I am going to answer some of them.

Lets go …

Have you ever been to Nandos?

Nope I have ever been to Nandos .I have always wanted to I just haven’t got round to it yet.Soon hopefully.

Favourite movie and book?

Movie: I would have to say Grease.I love grease I always used to watch it when I was younger it’s just such a good film.

Book: In the past I haven’t read very much but recently particularity in the last week or  so I have been reading a lot.Although I haven’t finished it yet I would have to say the best book I have ever read is ‘stones to Abbigale’ by the youtuber onision.I brought it ages ago and had never got round to reading it.I have about 4 chapters left.It’s such an amazing book,I would recommend it to anyone.

Thoughts on the Ed Sheeran fanbase.

I think compared to other fandoms Ed’s fans are really nice.There isn’t much drama at all.Everyone is so kind and nice there is no divide in our fandom we all respect who he’s dating and his personal life.I love the fandom and I cant imagine being in any other fandom like I’m in this one,

Dream job ?

I would love to be a journalist for a gossip or music magazine.I never realised how much I enjoy writing about topics I’m interested in.I would also love to work at buzzfeed just because it looks really cool and fun.

Who is your best friend?

I really hate the term ‘best friend’ but I guess if I had to say one friend that I’m closest to I’d say Ella.

Favourite candle scent?

This is going to sound do weird I like candles that are a darker colour.I don’t know why but I just love the smell of the red/purple candles like cranberry scent .My mum always burns vanilla candles so I guess I like them as well.

Single ?


Do you love me (@teddysnecklace asked this)

Yes I love you m8.

Favourite Ed sheeran song?

Ah I don’t know this is so hard.Um I love ‘Autumn leaves’ ‘two blokes and a double bass’ ‘Gold rush’ and ‘be like you’ from the old era and ‘uni’ ‘the man’ ‘nina’ ‘runaway’ from the sort of new stuff.I just love them all so much it would be so hard to choose just one.

what do you think happens after death?

I don’t know .I would like to think that something happens but I’m just not sure.

Favourite song that isn’t Ed Sheeran?

I am listening to a lot of other artists at the moment I  really like The Weeknd,Tori Kelly and Jamie Lawson.I would say my favourite song at the moment is ‘heart out ‘ by ‘The 1975’ I really love it.

That’s it for this weeks post .Hope you liked it

see you in my next post.

Love you

Bye xox


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