Grammys 2016.

Hello,so as you are probably aware the 58th annual grammy awards took place on Monday (15th).It was quite an eventful night with amazing performances from the likes of Taylor Swift,Justin Beiber and the Weeknd. I am going to be looking at the best and worst events that took place at the awards.

So lets get started at the red carpet fashion.


I have to talk about Taylor and Selena Wow… they possibly stole the red carpet after rocking up together looking flawless,as usual.Taylor was of course sporting her new hair cut which I’m in love with. I know a lot of people didn’t really like it but personally I thought it looked really good and it really suits her.Selena’s dress was amazing .I loved the colour and the cuts out of the side which gave an edgy appearance to the dress, whilst still staying classy with the floor length gown.Taylor was wearing a very colourful two piece outfit with a pair of elegant strappy heels.I think this outfit was a bold choice but Taylor totally had the confidence to wear it, and look amazing while doing it.They were the best looks of the night for me as they both look so elegant while standing out for all the right reasons.



Tori kelly was also looking amazing in a beautiful emerald one shoulder gown.I love the colour of this dress.Green wasn’t a colour  a lot of people were wearing that night which I think made her really stand out.Her hair looked so good,if you know Tori you will know how curly her hair is and I really liked that she kept it natural with her blonde loose curls on the night. She kept her jewellery to a minimum with a nice pair of triangular earnings and a cute little pink and silver bracelet.







One outfit I wasn’t to keen on and I hate to say it because I really like her is Lady Gaga’s. Nothing against her herself I just really didn’t like the outfit I feel it didn’t suit her and was really impractical.I mean I know that she does like to shock with her outfits but I don’t think this was overly shocking .I just think that it looked a bit silly.But if it makes her happy then I’m glad she did it .Its just not
something I would choose.I think she looked stunning and I loved her hair I just don’t think that the dress and shoes were the best.




Queen Taylor opened up the show with an excellent performance of her latest single ‘out of the woods’.I loved her outfit and all the props on-stage. It.It was a great start to the show.






Lionel Richie was honoured on the night  as MusiCares Person of the Year. A six song medley lead by John Legend and Demi Lovato with Meghan Trainor, Tyrese, and Lionel himself also making appearances.Although this was a rather long performance its one that no one will be forgetting any time soon



Ed Sheeran won his first ever grammy. Not only did he win one award for his hit single ‘thinking out loud’ HE WON TWO.No one could have been prouder than he pop bestie Taylor Swift , who jumped out of her seat in excitement and rushed over to give Ed the biggest hug.I am so happy for Ed because he really deserves it after 4 years of waiting.


Alabama Shakes were amongst the biggest winners of the night.Taking home three grammys for best rock performance, best rock song, best alternative music album.while on stage the band admitted they never thought they would be there and appeared to be overjoyed and in shock after beating some amazing artists that include foo fighters and Florence and the machine.I think they did really well and I was happy to see them win.The band also performed  their song ‘don’t wanna fight’ on the night.


Did Taylor swift diss Kanye west while accepting the award for album of the year? In the recent weeks there had been a lot of drama surrounding  a lyrics in kanye West’s new song ‘famous’.The lyric claimed that he made Taylor famous.The message of her speech was to not let anyone take credit for your success. This feels like a dig at kanye in a really smart and clever way.Well done Taylor.


During Adeles performance something didn’t seem right.It sounded out of tune. Personally I didn’t think it was that bad. A lot of artists have sung a lot worse when nothing has gone wrong.But she cleared it up on twitter after and everything was all good.I cant wait for her performance at the Brits. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan on Wednesday night.

These were just some of my favourite moments from the grammys this year.I can’t wait until the Brits on Wednesday.

Hope you enjoyed this I really enjoyed writing it.You may have already noticed that I have finally got my domain name and I’m now yay ! I have also given my blog a bit of a new look.I hope you all like that because I do.I might change it back I don’t know yet.

Thanks for reading.

See you in my next post




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