My top 6 moments of the Brits 2016

Hello again, Today I’m sharing with you my top 6 moments/talking points of this years Brits.A couple of weeks back I wrote my predictions post.You can check that out here:  click here

So lets get started.


We have to talk about the biggest winner of the night, of course its Adele.The ‘hello’ singer took home four awards on Wednesday night including the global success her first speech Adele publicly shared her support for Kesha who last week was last week told that she had no choice but to work with the producer who sexually assaulted her.She also shared how hard her album ’25’ was to produce and thanked her boyfriend for putting up with her during the making of the album.To close the night the singer performed her second single from 25 ‘when we were young’ the performance was amazing.After the sound issues at the grammys last week she definitely redeemed herself with this performance .It was a great night for Adele.

David Bowie tribute.

Annie Lennox and Gary Oldman paid tribute to Bowie and accepted his Brit Icon award.After this Lorde gave a touching performance of his Life on Mars track.David was said to have met and admired Lorde which made her the perfect person to lead the tribute.

Justin bieber forgot the lyrics to his own hit single ‘sorry’

Justin got a little confused when performing a medley if his hit songs,when it came to singing ‘sorry’ he got two of his lyrics confused eek. Instead of singing ‘Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness’ he sung ‘Cause I just need one more shot, second chances’.While this isn’t awful it was definitely recognisable.Not that it really matters anyway because the Canadian pop prince later in the night won the award for best intentional male.

Ant and Dec s last time hosting the awards.

Sadly Ant and Dec have said this was their last time hosting the awards.The pair said in an interview before the ceremony they had been planing to leave for the last two years,but the performers line-up has been so amazing they decided to host again.Fingers crossed this isn’t their last time and some awesome performers get booked for next year.

1/2 direction?

Only two members of one direction attended the awards despite the group being up for two awards. Liam and Louis confidently walked the red carpet together before later in the night accepting the fan voted award for best British video.Louis who became a father in early January would have been the member I would least expect to attend but to my surprise he did.It is said that Harry showed no interest in attending while Niall was on holiday in Thailand.If the rumours about the band breaking up for good are true this could be their last ever Brit award as a band.But who knows there is talk of some of the members going solo like ex band mate Zayn Malik. Could.Could we be seeing individual members winning awards next year?

James Bay.

As you may have gathered from my predictions list I really like James Bay.I was so happy to see him win best British male.This is award has been my favourite in the past with Ed winning it twice. I hope James can go on to have the career that Ed is having.

That was my top 6 moments/talking points of the Brits this year. I’m sorry it was posted later I have been ill and busy.I will still have a post up this Sunday though.

see you in my next post.Byeeeee


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