My views on feminism // kim kardashian drama ?

Hello, Today I am going to be talking about a subject that I’m very passionate about.My view on this may be controversial to some people but we are all entitled to an opinion and I’m just sharing mine.In no way am I saying that I hate all people that don’t agree with me because I respect others opinions on this subject like I would hope people would accept mine.

First I am going to start with a bit of history about Traditional feminism.Feminism developed in the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s.The idea of this movement was give women equal rights to men.Not having the chance to go to school to get an education but instead going to a female collage to learn household skills.They didn’t have the right to vote and had little to no rights in government. These were just a couple of the issues that women at the time faced.I have so much respect for the women who fought in this time for the rights and freedom that we have today.

Now here where it gets interesting…over time into today’s society  the idea of feminism has changed. The original idea and point of traditional feminism has sort of been lost.When I am saying the term ‘feminist’ I in no way mean every feminist.I am only talking about people/experiences I have come across both online and in real life.I understand that this doesn’t apply to everyone.

Okay something I don’t like about modern feminists is that they use statistics to fight their battle for them.And these statistics are usually only showing women’s problems.I have never heard a feminist say anything to back up men.Its all % this 1/5 this.Its never mentioned about the amount of problems/troubles men have.They claim they want equal rights for everyone yet only show one side of the issue.This leads me onto my next point modern feminists teach/imply that girls/women should feel like like victims by only showing one side of the issue.Women have issues in society and yes its unfair but men also have issues which are also unfair.The issues are different and I don’t believe either sex has it worse.The issues should be equally represented.Now something I haven’t experienced personally but I have seen taking place online is feminists hating on non feminists.When I say hate I don’t just mean having a disagreement.I have seen people just like myself sharing my opinion on twitter and getting really nasty hateful comments back from feminists telling women they hoped they get raped and die.They say this just because they don’t agree with them.Feminists like to think that women should all stick together so when I see people sending nasty tweets like this it gives the wrong impression of the whole feminism movement.I don’t know if you heard about a story about a man being raped at gunpoint by two women? Think about this scenario the other way round.. would this be acceptable.No it wouldn’t be and the story would make headlines.A man should know that he will be able to get justice if a woman physically abuses him he should have the same security as women have.In a custody case a woman would almost always win custody of the children.So lets not pretend women are the only people with issues in society.

Now the real reason behind this post As many of you are aware Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself online.In response to this actress/feminist Chloe Grace Moretz  tweeted “I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than just our bodies”. Okay so Chloe Grace Moretz claims to be a feminist. lets not forget feminists started the #freethenipple movement as well. They claim to support body positivity and to want women to feel comfortable in their bodies yet Kim posts this picture and she is called out like this.What annoys me most about this situation is that the caption for this picture is “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL” I read this caption and laughed because it’s funny.look I could totally see where Chloe is coming from if the picture was used to advertise or promote a weight loss tea or a skinny pill.But it was’t. #freethenipple is purely pictures of women with their boobs out because it’s apparently it’s empowering.Yet Kim posts this picture where she is covered with the black bars and isn’t revealing any more of her body than she would be in a bikini.She is clearly happy with her body which is what feminists want women to be.Just because she is in good shape she isn’t allowed to be comfortable and happy with her body?.I guarantee if it had been a + sized model in this picture she would have been praised. If posting that selfie made Kim happy then shouldn’t that be a good thing ?

to conclude I consider myself as someone who supports are respects the  actions of traditional feminists.I disagree with modern feminism as It’s not about being equal any more but about trying to put men down.Even though people are going to disagree with that statement I can only base my opinion on what I see so called feminists acting/ behaving online and in society.I know people are going to fight back at me saying “so you don’t think men and women should be equal” and my answer is yes I do but instead of trying to put men down why don’t we try and pull women up.

I could go on about this topic and why I don’t identify as a modern feminist forever. I wont be replying to comments because everything I want to say is in the this post


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