Cricket energy bars?

I have a special post for you today in collaboration with the amazing company ‘gather’. Gather make an amazingly unusual product and you won’t guess what their main ingredient is… Crickets.Sounds weird I know but just stay with me it will all make sense soon.

So the crobar is a dried fruit,nut and seed bar with cricket flower. This bar comes in two flavours ‘peanut’ and ‘cacao’.

Why crickets ? 

Why crickets you may be wondering.Well crickets are higher in protein than beef and contains 3x more iron 5x more magnesium and double the amount of if you are looking for an amazing source of protein crobars are a great option.

Did you know insects are less likely to infect humans with disease,that has to be good.insects are less likely to pass on disease for example H1N1 and mad cow disease.

We shouldn’t let the idea of eating insects make us decide these bars aren’t good for you…because trust me they are. I mean you just need to look at the facts to see these bars are good for you.

The taste is so good.Now I am really fussy when it comes to food but I love the taste of these bars.they taste exactly like cacao and peanut.A lot of protein and energy bars usually don’t taste that good but I have to say I loved the taste of these.

I also wanted to talk about the packaging.The packaging is really robust and feels that it would last really well at the bottom of a bag or backpack without tearing or damaging the product.The colours on the front of the packaging is quite bright which I think makes it stand out. I love how each of the flavours has a different key colour which gives each flavour a different feel.

That was my review on the crobar I really hoped you enjoyed reading it and would consider buying some for yourself you can check out their website for some more facts and where and how to buy here you can also follow their social media pages @gathrfoods

A big thank you to gathr for giving me the opportunity to share this with you all😀

See you in my next post,byeeee


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