I phone 6s review.

Hello,Happy Easter everyone I have already eaten way too much Chocolate this morning.whoops.So if you follow my Instagram you will know that earlier this week I got my I phone 6s.I am doing a review as I know that with the I phone SE being announced and the 7 soon to follow a lot more people are looking at upgrading or buying the 6s as it’s becoming a more affordable option.

Let’s start with the differences between the 6 and the 6s.I have been asked by a lot of people about the differences between the two.Firstly the camera.Apple upgraded the 8 megapixel camera on the I phone 6 to a 12 megapixel on the 6s which is great if you take a lot of pictures using your phone. The 6s also has the capability to take Live Photos.Live photos are pictures that snap shots 3 seconds before the button is pressed and 3 seconds after,it also records a shot snippet of audio to bring the pictures alive.Live photos are activated on the 6s by using the 3D Touch feature and applying extra pressure to the screen.This leads me onto my second difference the 6s has 3D Touch technology which allows you to apply extra pressure in order to get more out of your phone.The 3D Touch can be used to jump into particular parts of apps or peek into web pages without leaving your current page.The 6s uses the second generation of Touch ID which means it will be more accurate and quicker to unlock your phone using the Touch ID feature which makes the use of the phone a lot smoother.The main difference that attracts people to this phone is the rose gold colour which separates the 6s from the 6s.Apart from this the 6s is half a milimeter thicker and weighs a bit more this is because  of the 3D Touch technology needs more space.

Now let’s start with my opinions and thoughts on the phone.

So I got the 6s in rose gold.Initially I was looking at getting the 6 plus but when I held it in the shop I realised I would rather have the 6s as its smaller and I only have small hands.A lot of people buy the 6+ because they think hat it’s bigger so it must be better.It really depends on what you want from your phone.I use my phone for pictures and social media so it made sense for me to get the one with the better camera.Where as if you are using your phone for gaming or watching videos the bigger display would probably be better for you. Like I say it’s really about what you need it to do and for me the 6s was a better option.

The 3D Touch is advertised as the biggest difference between the 6 and 6s.It can be useful for example when peaking into websites through links sent in messages or posted online.It can also be used on the homscreen to jump into particular parts of apps for example the Instagram icon allows you to  write a new post,view activity, search and to switch accounts.I don’t really use it to much because it probably takes longer to use the 3D Touch than it would to go through it normally.Like I said in the start of this post 3D Touch also means you can use Live Photos.The only downside is that Live Photos do use double the storage of a Normal photo which if you have the 16gb model like myself can use up storage quickly.So you do have to think about if you need a live photo or if a Normal photo would be just as good.

The camera is amazing.I was very surprised with the amazing quality of photos that are produced by this phones camera.It is very fast to focus and the app opens really quick so you can snap a photo whenever.The phone can also record 4K video which is obviously amazing but again will really put a strain on a 16 or even 64gb model.luckily I don’t record much video so I won’t be worrying too much about the 4K capability but it is nice to Know what it’s there if I did ever want I use it.The phone also has apples True Tone flash which asses the colour temperature of the scene and uses the two LEDs to get a perfect light Balance giving your picture an overall better look.Another cool feature on this phones camera Is the 5mp front camera with face priority this will assure you will get the best selfie possible.As you can see the camera is just fantastic on this phone and is possibly one of the best smartphone camera on the market.

I was pleasantly surprised with the battery on this phone.It charges so fast and I can have it all day without battery saving mode on without it getting  to below 10%The only bad thing I do have to say say is  how much battery is used to listen to music.I listen to music a lot and I do see a decrease in battery after but that is expected and it doesn’t matter hugely as I haven’t found anything else that drains battery.

Accessories are really easy to get hold of for this phone you can get cases from practicality  anywhere. I ordered a clear case and a glass screen protector from eBay for £2.90 and they work perfectly in protecting my phone.i found it really difficult to get cases for my previous phone (Nokia Lumia 635) so it’s quite nice to know if my case or screen protector breaks I won’t have to go hunting for another one .

The price of the 6s isn’t cheap with the 16gb starting at £539 and the 128gb costing the very expensive price of £699.Of course the option of buying on contract but most contracts are still having upfront costs of up to £300. But with the se coming out and the 7 to be announce i’m sure there will be a drop in price soon.I wouldn’t recommend this phone if you are on a budget.

Overall I am in love with this phone and I knew it was going to be good but in most areas it exceeded my expectations.I would recommend this phone to anyone looking to get a simple and easy to use phone.Hope you enjoyed reading my I phone 6s review because I really enjoyed writing It.

See you in my next post byeeeee


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