Top revision tips.

Hello, hope you are all having a nice Easter break.I have spent most, if not all of it sitting on the sofa watching Jeremy kyle and drinking tea…I wish I was joking.

As you can see by the title of this post I’m going to share with you my top 10 revision tips.Lets get started…

Tip number 1: Take breaks.

Its important to take breaks when revising as your brain can only concentrate for about 45 mins on one thing (don’t quote me on that fact.I found it on google).You should be trying to take a break once an hour.I like to either take a 10 minute break every hour or a 5 minute break every half hour.In this 5 or 10 minute break I like to check my social media or go for a little walk. Just do anything that will take your mind of revising.You should then find that when you sit down and try to revise and you will be more focused.

Tip number 2:Don’t revise too much.

A lot of people just think that the more you revise the better.No. In fact revising too much can have negative effects.Revising instead of sleeping really isn’t a good idea.If you are tired you wont take it in and it will just be pointless and make you even more tired.And no one likes being tired.

Tip number 3: Revise with other people.

Revising with friends can make it not feel as bad.You can test each other and share resources and tips.Although if you know you are likely to get distracted and off topic when revising with other people this might not be such a good option.And if you don’t have friends well I can’t help with that.

Tip number 4: Start your revision in advance.

This one is just common sense really.You need to start your revision months before the exam,not days not hours months.Even if you are increasing the amount of revision you are doing as you get closer to the date.It will really help you get on top of the revision if you start sooner than later. Especially if you have to learn a lot.

Tip number 5: Allow yourself to concentrate.

Make sure you are in conditions that allow you to fully concentrate on what you are doing.For example at a desk in your bedroom and not in front of the TV. If you find your phone is too much of a distraction turn it off or put it totally out of your sight. I often find myself getting distracted by notifications on my phone when revising.So putting it out of my reach does help me a lot.

Tip number 6: Eat fruit and drink water.

Fruit is brain food.Eating fruit before or during revising can give you an energy boost which can help you feel awake which can then help you concentrate more.So eat an apple or something. And make sure to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. If you are dehydrated you may get a headache which means you may not be able to concentrate as well.Water is a good option to drink and not caffeinated drinks like coffee of energy drinks as these may also give you a headache.

Tip number 7: Make note cards.

You could read an entire text book and not remember anything the next day.Making note cards is effective as you can read over them day after day.Make the notes on the cards short and brief as you have more chance of remembering small texts rather than long pages.There are many ways you can use your note cards. You can write a question on the front and an answer on the back or just writing key words or facts on.Its really up to what you find effective. You can stick the cards around your house in places you often go.

Tip number 8: Reward yourself for revising.

Get something you really like this could be a special drink or your favourite drink that you will have after revising.You will then have something to look forward to. This is going to motivate you.You could even reward yourself with a sweet for every question you get right.What ever is going to encourage you to revise is good.

Tip number 9: Listen to music.

If you are a music lover like myself you may find it easier to concentrate with music playing.Sometimes its good to listen to instrumental music as you then wont get distracted by the lyrics.If that even makes sense.But I listen to music all the time anyway it just helps me focus.Some people might not like this but I think it works for me and is a really good way to focus.

Tip number 10:Using online resources.

If you don’t feel like sitting and writing out note cards.You can watch videos on youtube or use websites like BBC bitesize too focus of  a particular area of your revision.This could be an option for a day when you don’t feel like revising.Its also something you can do on the go.You can watch it while travelling or just when you have a spare 5 minutes.

Hope you enjoyed reading this because I really enjoyed writing it.

This Friday is my birthday so I’m going to have my birthday tag up then as well as my usual post on a Sunday.

See you in my next post

byeee xox


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