Have I just found my new obsession?

Hello guys.I know I have already posted once this week already but this was just too exciting not to post about today.So as you may know I love finding new music to listen to well I have recently discovered ‘ships have sailed’.If you don’t already know ships have sailed are an alternative pop-rock duo who make the most amazing songs.They released debut EP Someday in 2014 which has some amazing tracks on it,with my favourite being ‘someday’ I really like the beat and the lyrics.The EP is just so well put together and you can really sense the amount of effort that was put into each of the songs.I find that with some debut EPs they can just seem rushed where as this feel like a perfect build up and a perfect selection of songs that really work well with each other.Last year saw the release of the bands first full length album ‘moodswings’.I would have to say the song that stands out to me at them moment is ‘drive’ just because It was the fist song I listed to of theirs and the video is amazing.I love it when an great song has an great video to go alongside it and this one does. you can catch the video at the link here: link to drive . Its one of those albums where you could never pick a favourite song off because they are all just so unique and amazing in their own way.I have spoken on instagram with them and they seem so nice and genuine.I also am in love with their cover of halseys song ‘new americana’ as it gives a song a totally new sound. I love it when artists cover songs as it shows they can make anything their own. It usually takes me a while to really get into an artist but the second i listed to ‘drive’ I knew I loved it. I know this was a short post but I was really wanted to share with you now. They will be back out next month with their new album ‘whispers’Make sure you check them out I will leave links to everything you need to know below. stay perfect byeee xoxo

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