Hello,I don’t know why I always choose to do these posts at the worst times. I always want to do them in the middle of the month or at the start.But it getting towards the end of April so what better time to share with you my April playlist. As it was my birthday a couple of weeks back I bought a lot of new music that I have become obsessed with.

Let’s start 

My first song is Paris by the 1975. Over the last month or two I have become obsessed with the 1975. For my birthday I was lucky enough to get their new album ‘I like it when you sleep ,for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’. The whole album is amazing but the one song that stood out to me when I listened to it all was ‘Paris’. It’s quite a calm and peaceful  song which is what I like. The album has a large mix of songs ranging from more upbeat louder songs like ‘ugh!’And ‘the sound’ to calmer songs like ‘nana’ and ‘Paris’ I’m the sort of person that is drawn to quieter songs so I’m not surprised this song is my favourite of the album.

Favourite lyric ‘then she pointed at the bag of her dreams in a well posh magazine’


Next up on my list is a song I have been listening to for a while now,and that is ‘life support’ by Sam smith. This song is on his debut album ‘In the lonely hour’. I love every song on this album but I have found some of the songs have been overplayed on the radio,which can take away the meaning of the song a bit.This is such an underrated song and I love it so much as you can really hear the emotion in his voice.Another song I am in love with from this album is ‘good thing’. 

Favourite lyric ‘you’re the drug that gets me through‘.


From the album chaos in the calm the next song I’m going to be writing about is ‘scars’ by James Bay. I think I have spoken about James before in previous playlists but I have recently purchased his album.Like I mentioned with Sam smith some of the songs released as singles have been a bit overplayed.Scars is an amazing song that I was drawn to while listening to the album for the first time. There is something about his voice that sounds so original and raw. I love it.

Favourite lyric ‘my mind is lost ‘.


This one I am really excited about.As last week I booked tickets to go and see Jamie Lawson live in Brighton. I can’t wait, I know i have mentioned a song by Jamie in almost all of my playlists but what can I say all his music is really good.The Jamie so I have found myself listening to this month is ‘sometimes it’s hard’. I have to admit I wasn’t to keen on this song when I first heard it but it has really grown on me and now I’m obsessed with it. The song has some amazing lyrics and I can’t wait to hear it live.

Favourite lyric ‘there is no easy answer, there is no miracle cure. Clouds they cast a shadow over what is pure’


It wouldn’t be one of my playlists without mentioning my fave Ed sheeran. Since its released I have been listening to tori Kelly’s album ‘unbreakable smile’ on YouTube.But a couple of weeks back I brought the physical album. I first heard about Tori a couple of years ago when she did some shows with Ed. I fell in love with her voice straight away. So last year when their collaboration ‘I was made for loving you’ came out I was very excited.Since I brought her album I have been listening to it more. They both have such unique voices that work so well together. I don’t think I will ever get bored of listening to this song. 
Favourite lyric ‘I won’t scar your young heart Just take my hand’


So that is it for this months playlist . I hope you enjoyed reading it because I really enjoy writing these posts.I’m a little bit annoyed though as some of this post deleted so I had to write it out again ,but it’s all good it worked out .

I know my posting schedule has been a bit off in these last couple of weeks but I am going to be getting back into posting every Sunday hopefully.

See you I my next post , byeee 🙂


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