Hello, it’s that time again where you find yourself on this very website reading another of my posts. If you read the first post in this series you will know what it is but if you haven’t here’s a little overview of what it’s about: 

world health day inspired me to start a series about why maintaining you mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health. On the second Sunday of each month I am going to speak about a different aspect or way you can maintain good mental health today I’m going to speak about social interaction.

There is a clear link between mental illness and social interaction. Everybody needs friends don’t they? True yes. Having friendships is a really important thing.It’s simple if you don’t have friends you become lonely. Loneliness can lead to mental health issues such as depression.Not having good friendships can also make you more likely to suffer from stress.Therefore it is really important to surround ourselves with friends.

Finding the right people to be friends with can be difficult as friends can steer your thoughts and behaviors. If you surround yourself with people/friends that have bad habits lets say they smoke ,you are naturally more likely to be influenced by these people and to smoke.obviously smoking isn’t a good habit therefore maybe them people aren’t the best people to be around.Where as if you are around friends that don’t smoke and live a healthy lifestyle you are more likely to live a healthy life as well. So it’s best to try and surround yourself that will really benefit you and not people who you think may peer pressure you into doing things that will be bad for you.Do what’s best for you not what you think Is cool.

Getting out and socialising can also really benifit our mental health.So try and get out often with friends.A good way to become closer to a friend is to plan Conversation Sparking Activities so maybe go to an art exhibit, museum or even just bake a cake together. Anything that will spark conversation different to what you are used to will really help you connect. Having a regular meet up date can also make spendings time together more regular. It’s something to look forward to and a really good way to stay in touch with each other if you don’t see each other regularly. I found this little fact and it really put it all into perspective.Did You know that in a lifetime, you go through 396 friends but only 36 last ? I’m just going to leave it here now…

So that was my 2nd post in this series if you are enjoying this please do tell me I will leave all the links to my social media below. I know this post was kind of short but I have exams next week so ihave spent a lot of time revising,but when ever I have a spare 10 minutes I have been drafting,writing and editing this post. The next post in this series will be up in a months time ✌🏼️See you in my next post, byee 🙂 


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