Hello, I hope everyone has had a good week.As you may or may not know the billboard music awards is taking place next Sunday. If you have read some of my other posts you will know I love music awards.So here is just my predictions and my reasons why I think they deserve the awards. So lets get started.

Top male artist: 

The weeknd, Drake , Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, fetty wap

Who should win: Ed sheeran. Of course I am going to say Ed sheeran deserves the award… It’s ed sheeran. 

Who I think will win: Justin bieber. This one I found really hard to predict as all the artists have done so much I the last year.Justin made a huge comeback and has really cleared his image up. He has also produced some amazing music.The success of his latest album ‘purpose’ was ridiculou, but like I say this one is really tight because they are all so talented.

Top female artist.

Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Adele, Selena Gomez.

Who should win: Taylor Swift . I would have to say Taylor purely because of how in love I am with 1989. I’m a huge fan of Taylor and she is the artist in here that brought me the most joy therefore I feel she deserves to win.

Who I think will win: Adele. I would go as far as saying I am almost 100% sure the award will go to Adele. Her latest album ’25’ smashed the charts in late November 2015 and her tour sold out in minutes. Personally I am not a huge fan but I can still say that she has such a unique talent.

Top billboard 200 album.

X (Ed Sheeran) , 25 (Adele) , purpose (Justin Bieber) , beauty behind the madness ( the weeknd) , 1989 ( Taylor Swift)

Who I want to win: X (Ed sheeran) I own 4 out of these 5 albums and I have to say X is my favourite. After waiting for 3 years for it I wasn’t disappointed. I was also lucky enough to attend 2 shows during the X tour. I think seeing it live can really change the way you listen to an album and seeing it live made me love it even more.

who I think will win: Adele. Like I mentioned  in the last award The album was a big deal. I do think think that Adele will win every award she is up for. Adele wins everything… All the time.

Top new artist.

Bryson Tiller, Omi, silentó, Charlie Puth, fetty wap. 

Who I want to win: Omi. I have to admit I am not to keen on any of the nominations. Purely because I don’t listen to the types of music they produce. Them being rap and reggae. Since I don’t really listen to them I didn’t know how to come to a conclusion but I figured Omi’s song ‘cheerleader’ was such a catchy song that he’s who I will be cheering on.

Who I think will win:Fetty wap. I feel he is the most popular artist on this list. I think he will win the award purely on this. Like I said I found it hard to come to a conclusion on this one.

Top billboard 200 artist. 

Taylor swift, the weeknd, Drake, Justin Bieber, Adele.

Who I want to win: The weeknd.I love the weeknd and I would love to see him pick up this award. He is so unique and amazing I think he deserves it.

Who I think will win: Adele. She wins everything.

Top hot 100 artist.

Taylor Swift, the weeknd, Drake, Justin Bieber, Fetty wap.

Who I want to win: The weekend. The nominations for this award are almost identical to the ones for the last ones. Adele has just been switched out for fetty wap. So I guess I will stick with Abel for this one.

Who I think will win: Taylor Swift. Overall as an artist I think Taylor Swift is seen as a very good, positive role model. She produces very clean music to go alongside her very clean image.

Top streaming song (video)

watch me, see you again, trap queen, the hills, uptown funk.

Who I want to win: The hills. To be honest this song I the only one out of the nominations I can actually bare to listen to anymore. I am sick to death of hearing all the others. This is the video award though so I guess it’s more about that and I love the video for the hills as well.That’s all there is to it.

Who I think will win: Watch me. As much as I can’t stand this song anymore you cannot ignore its success. It started a huge dance trend and made a lot of people happy. Therefore I feel it will win just due to the success of the song/ video.

Top streaming song (audio)

Sorry, what do you mean , hotline bling , trap queen, the hills.

who I want to win:Sorry. I have listened to sort so many times now and I’m still not sick of it. It’s such a catchy song. I just love it. 

Who I think will win: What do you mean. Justin has 2 songs up for this award which doubles his chances of winning. What do you mean marked judging comeback. There was a huge countdown to the songs release involving a lot of celebrities. It’s a really catchy song and the way it was promoted was really effective.

Top hot 100 song.

Can’t feel my face, hello, see you again, trap queen, the hills.

Who I want to win: Can’t feel my face. As you may be able to tell by now I am just a little bit in love with the weeknd. Can’t feel my face was just another one of the amazing singles released from his album ‘beauty behind the madness’.

Who I think will win: Hello. Adele wins everything…

Top duo/ group.

Twenty one pilots, One direction, u2, maroon 5, the Rolling Stones. 

Who I want to win: Twenty one pilots. I think it was some point late last year my  friend Ella told me about them. They are so good it’s unreal. They deserve this award by miles. They have just got so big so fat and they are nothing like I have ever seen or heard before.

Who I think will win: Twenty one pilots. I think they will get the award jaut because of the scale of their success in the last year. I would love to see them pick it up and I think they will.

Top radio songs artist 

Taylor Swift, the weeknd, Ellie Goulding, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran.

Who I want to win: Ed Sheeran. Do I even need to give a reason?

Who I think will win: Taylor Swift. Taylor is so amazing I defiantly think she will be able to pick up this award.

Artist of the year.

Taylor Swift, the weeknd, drake, Justin bieber, Adele.

Who I want to win: Adele.oh look where have we seen this list of nominations before? I feel like I have been a bit harsh on Adele in this post. However I really do think she deserves this award. There is n denying it’s been Adele’s year. 

Who I think will win: Adele. Like I jut said above she has been the must have artist this year wether you like her or not you can not get away from her, and that just shows the  scale of her success.

Top touring artist.

Taylor Swift, One direction, U2, The Rolling Stones, Madonna.

Who I want to win: Taylor Swift. The 1989 world looked so amazing. The whole production of it was so amazing. The outfits, the props, the choreography,the guests everything was just amazing. I really wish I could have seen her when she was in London.

Who I think will win: Taylor Swift: Just because of everything I mentioned above I think it’s clear why I think she will win.

Top rap artist.

Drake, silentó, Future, Wix khalifa, Fetty wap.

Who I want to win: Drake. Like I said earlier at some point in the post I don’t really listen to rap music. What I have heard of drakes music I have enjoyed that’s my reason for wanting him to win the award.

Who I think will win: Drake. He is so popular at the moment so I think that he has a really good chance at winning this award.

Top R&B album.

Beauty behind that madness (The weeknd), T R A P S O U L (Bryson tiller), royalty (Chris Brown), Anti (Rihanna), black rose ( Tyrese Gibson)

Who I want to win. Beauty behind the madness. I guess I have to go with the only album I have actually brought out of the list. I think the album is a really good representation of the genre.

Who I think will win: Anti. The album is really good and I think that as it hasn’t been or for too long now it stands a really good chance.

Top R&B song.

Can’t feel my face, earned it , here, post to be, the hills. 

Who I want to win: here. I would really like to see Alessia Cara pick up this award. The song is so good I love it and I just think that she really deserves it.

Who I think will win it: something by the weeknd. The weekend is 3 of the 5 nominations for this award. So I think the chances of someone other than him winning is very slim.

Top rock artist.

X ambassadors, Twenty one pilots, Fall out boy, Walk the moon, Elle King.

Who I want to win: Twenty one pilots. As I spoke about earlier I really like twenty one pilots and it would be great if they won such an amazing award.

Who I think will win: Twenty one pilots. I really think they will.I don’t know what it is I just have a feeling that they will get one and maybe even two awards this year.

That’s it for this weeks post make sure you catch the billboard awards next Sunday to see who picks up all the awards. Have an amazing week and I will see you in my next post . Byeee 🙂


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