Hello, I hope everyone is having a good bank holiday weekend. Yesterday I was thinking about how much money I have spent over the years on music, merch, tickets and all that sort of stuff stuff. So today I am going to be adding up all the money I have spent. It’s been almost 5 years since I became a fan of Ed and that’s where it all started.Im going to write a list of the things and how much it cost, and then at the end I will get to my grand total… I’m worried now 😂

Ed sheeran- merch

O2 concert tickets- 2 tickets= £110

Wembley tickets- 2 tickets= £111

Wembley top- £20

Wembley bag- £10

Wembley program- £15

Posters- 8 posters= £25

Mugs- 2= £10

Coaster- £5

A visual journey- £10

A+- £10

Cardboard cutout- £35

U.K. Tour dates 2014 t shirt- £20

Grey loveheart shirt- £20

Bracelets- 3 = £15

Hoodies- 2 = £30

Black logo shirt- £10

Calendars- 2= £20

Ed sheeran- music

Multiply Vinyl- £25

Loose Change vinyl- £9.99

Songs I wrote with Amy ep- £6.99

Live at Bedford ep – £6.99

Top 5 collaborations ep- £6.99

Loose change ep- £6.99

Other people- merch
Brighton dome tickets Jamie Lawson- £40

Taylor by Taylor- £15

Taylor incredible things- £20

Wonderstruck boxset- £20

1975 logo shirt- £7

Other people- music 

Hozier- £3.50

Beauty behind the madness- £7.50

Jamie Lawson- £7.50

Chaos and the calm- £7.50

I like it when you sleep… – £7.50

Unbreakable smile- £6.99

Red- £5

1989- £11.99

Beyonce- £5.99

In the lonely hour- £5


Acoustic- £5

Lemonade- £12.99

Moodswings- £3.99

And the grand total is……. £717.91 wow I didn’t think it would be that much. I’m shocked 😂 I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe it will get you thinking about how much you have spent. Comment or message me on social media your total if you do this. See you in my next post.. Byeee ✌🏼️

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