10 things I love about IOS 10

Hello, I rarely post midweek but I could not wait to share this with you. You may be aware that on Monday at WWDC Apple released details about the latest IOS in the lineup ,’IOS 10′. Although this update isn’t officially available until autumn the developer beta is available to download now. (I will leave the link I used at the end of this post). I have to admit I am in love with this update, even  though this beta has many bugs and runs a bit slow.

There are so many new features that come along with this update, but today I am going to share with you my top 10 features I am loving at the moment.                                     Lets get started. ..

The first thing I really like about this update is the ability to remove built in apps from your phone.You know the annoying apps you never use but just seem to sit there. Things like ‘maps’ and ‘stocks’ they just get in the way, not anymore you can simply delete them in the same way you can delete any other apps. If you wish to get them back after deleting then you can by simply typing it into the store and downloading it back.

I don’t see this as being something I use but I still think is pretty cool. You are now able to use 3D touch on the I phone 6s to change the intensity of your flashlight. You can choose from three intensity’s  ‘low,medium and high’. I think this is just a really cool thing for apple to do and its just a nice little feature.

Next feature I really like is the ‘Today’ tab on the lock screen. If you are like me you don’t use your today pull down tab often.IOS 10 allows you to veiw your today tab by swiping right on your lock screen. This action would usually take you to put your password in but since the slide to unlock feature has been taken off this update this is used to view this tab instead. I feel I will get a lot more use out of this page now.

Is it just me that hates it when you pick up your phone to read notifications and your touch ID unlocks the phone? Well this has been sorted in IOS 10, like i said in the last point the swipe to unlock feature is gone. Now to get to the page to enter your password you have to press the home button.The touch ID is the same you need to press the button to allow it to work. I love this so much it is possibly my favourite feature in IOS 10.

The control centre now has a second page and its just dedicated to music. I think a lot of people also had the problem of your finger clicking on the wrong thing while adjusting music in the control centre. well there is no more of that now because when you swipe left on the control centre you are taken to a second page that allows you to control your music. This is quite helpful and I feel myself using this a lot as music is the main thing I use my phone for.

The clock app has made a couple of changes the main one being that the app is now black. There was rumours that there was going to be a dark mode in IOS 10 that changes everything white on the phone black to reduce eye strain at night. The rumours did have some truth to them as the app is now black. It seems very odd to me that this was only done on the clock app but maybe its a little hint of what to come in a possible update.

The second change to the clock app is a feature I think I will use a lot as I have 3rd party apps to do similar things, and that is a sleep monitor. The page within the clock app allows you to put in how many hours sleep you want and what time you want to wake up etc.It sends you notifications when the best time to fall asleep is to reach you goal.I think this is really cool and I can’t wait to try it some more.

A really clever feature is face/object recognition. The example apple used on Monday was finding all pictures of a horse. It also scans pictures for faces and puts all of one persons face in a separate folder so it is easier to find pictures with or of a particular person.

Another thing I am in love with is that now notifications appear in bubbles. I think this just looks really sleek and again just shows apples attention to detail.The only problem i think I will have with this feature is that they take up quite a lot more space than the old ones, which when you are watching a video for an example and the notification takes up a lot more room which can be annoying if you get a lot of notifications.

Of course another main feature of this update is the imessage changes. On this beta i am unable to get everything out of this as not many people have the update. I think it is super cool how you can search for gifs from inside the app and how you can send drawings and animations. I really can’t wait to get to use these new features to their full ability when its officially released in autumn.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the Latest IOS I really enjoyed writing this. Anyway if you want to get this for yourself click here: Click here to download for yourself

See you in my next post on Sunday I’m meant to be doing a collaboration with a companych but I have yet to receive my products so hoping they will come soon because I have nothing else planned😬


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