June playlist. 

Hello, I’m so glad to be back posting on a normal schedule. Today I’m going to share with you all my favourite music picks this month.I have found a lot of good music this month so let’s get started… 

Dancing on my own (single) – Calum Scott. 

I only discovered this song last week actually. Some of you may remember calum from X factor last year I think it was. I loved him then but I never really stayed up to date with him until Thursday of this week when Jamie Lawson announced he would be joining him on his October tour. Now obviously I’m going to see him in Brighton so I went onto I tunes to listen to his music and I feel in love with his cover of this song. His voice is so amazing and I really think he will blow up with this song. It’s currently at number 12 on the UK singles chart so I’m really hoping he can get into the top 10 or even the top 5 because it’s really amazing.On my one (album) – Jake Bugg.

A couple of weeks back when I was looking through I tunes I found this no1 on the pre order chart. I then fell into a deep hole of his music. I because obsessed. I watched loads of his live performances,I watched all his music videos and I pre ordered the album. The album came and it didn’t fail to amaze me. His music is like nothing else you hear at the moment which I think makes me interested in him. So if you want something a bit different I totally recommend this. My favourite songs are ‘love, hope and misery’ and ‘all that’
Whispers (EP) – Ships have sailed 

You may be aware of my post I wrote not so long back where I told you all about the amazing ‘ships have sailed’. Well I stayed in touch with them and I was lucky enough to have been sent a signed version of this EP. I am in love with it. I loved their album ‘moodswings’ but there is just something about this EP that feels so personal and I really love that. Guys please check it out on I tunes… You will not be disappointed. Hozier (album) – Hozier 

I have a feeling I have spoken about Hozier before but I’m not 100% sure. Any way last month I finally got round to buying his self titled album and all I can say is wow… I have to say I don’t think I have ever listened to an album that flows together as well as this one. I like to listen to an album the whole way through rather than picking out singles and this is just an amazing collection of well chosen songs that just flow so well. 

I hope you enjoyed finding out what music I have been loving this month. Usually my playlists are normally single songs but I just wanted to mention a couple of these as a unit as I think they work much better as an album than a single song. I hope you all have an amazing week ✌🏼️

See you in my next post byeee … 


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