5 Annoying bugs I have found in IOS 10

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you have all had a good week.If you read my post a couple of weeks back you will know that I have IOS 10 on my phone 6S .  When I downloaded this I had to accept that there was going to be bugs so in no way am I complaining about having bugs because I knew it was going to happen. As you can tell by the title I am going to share with you 5 bugs I have come across while using ISO 10. Lets get started…

  1. 3rd party apps crashing/freezing. I have noticed this quite a lot with the main one being Facebook. My Facebook app is now virtually unusable, I’m assuming that this is because it hasn’t been fully optimised for IOS 10 yet.The app will sometimes open and work perfectly but the majority of the time it barely opens before crashing. While this isn’t the  fault of anyone it doesn’t make it any less annoying. I cannot wait to have this fixed.
  2. Sleep clock annoying notifications. I hope this is a bug because if it isn’t its an annoying feature. When I found out that Apple were adding a sleep mode I was very excited to see how they were going to do it. The way it works is that you simply tell the app what time you need to wake up and how much sleep you want. The app will then send you notifications half hour before its recommended you should go to sleep to reach your goals. When you get the notification you can 3D touch on it to say you are going to sleep now. This in theory should stop the notifications coming through but it doesn’t. They keep on and keep on coming through and its just annoying. I have had to turn the feature of now and i’m really disappointed actually as its a really good concept.
  3. Temperamental quick response. A feature that is widely used by most Apple users is quick response. People will be aware that the usual way of using this from the lock screen would be to swipe on the notification. Now all you have to so is hold on it and then the quick response bubble will appear . Sometimes this just wont work and there will be a vibration and other times it will work but no keyboard will appear. Something I do like about the change is that the bubble doesn’t just disappear once you have hit sent, meaning you can send multiple messages to the same person without having to open the app which of course defeats the purpose of the feature. I really hope this is something apple fixes before the final release.
  4. Alarm – time. This one is possibly the one that annoys me the most . So I have an alarm set for 6 every week day morning. I often press snooze once or twice as ya know i’m lazy. When you try and cancel the snooze it remains there and when the counter reaches 0 it begins to go into – numbers. This wouldn’t bug me to much but it doesn’t go away until you restart your device. It just sits there. I’m not sure why there are a lot of bugs surrounding the clock but there is and they are just annoying.
  5. Phone shuts off before battery is dead. This is something I have only experienced a few times myself but I have heard other people have had this issue. This is just where your phone will be anywhere below 10% it will just turn off. You will then just be faced with the screen indicating for you to plug your phone in, but then if you hold down your home and power button the device will re-spring and you will more than likely have more charge than before. This can be quite annoying and feels very pointless. Alongside this my phone will just randomly  freeze before restarting this is the same sort of issue and I really hope this can be patched.

I really hope these bugs can get fixed in future Betas before its official release later this year. This update has a lot of potential and great features and I can’t wait to see it in its final form. I really enjoy writing posts like this and I hope they are interesting for you guys to read. I hope you all have an amazing week see you in my next post… Byee 🙂


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