Hello, I know is very unusual for me to have a post up midweek, but this is special. My friends over a propercorn are giving you all the chance to win a lifetime supply of their amazing popcorn.Let me tell you what propercorn are about. Propercorn are a UK based company who make gluten free and vegetarian popcorn. Not only are their products great tasting they are also guilt free as each bag comes in at under 130 calories… wow.  They put so much work into making each piece of popcorn the best it can be using only GM free butterfly corn.

Now I was lucky enough to have been sent a wonderful giftbox by them containing one of each flavour and I can conclude they are better than I could have ever imagined. I only have tried one or two of these flavours before, in fact when I was vegan I ate bags upon bags of the stuff especially the sweet and salted.

Flavours, oh my gosh the flavours where do I begin? They make 6 flavours these include: Smooth peanut & almond, lightly sea salted, sweet coconut & vanilla, Fiery Worcester sauce & sun-dried tomato, sweet and salty and last but not least my personal favourite sour cream and black pepper. These are all a bit different to your traditional sweet or salted . I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to try some of the bolder flavours but trust me they work.Here is where you are all in luck…

 Propercorn are giving you the chance to come up with their next flavour. Not only will your flavour be sold nationwide you will also win a LIFETIME SUPPLY OF PROPERCORN!!! All you have to do is click the link ( http://www.instituteofflavour.com) and follow the steps onscreen you will get to choose all sorts of fun flavours, you then get to name it and once you give all your details your flavour will be entered to win the prize.Simple as can be. Its super fun just to play around with and to see what you can create. So what have you got to lose ? But be quick guys because you only have until Friday 🍿good luck xxx


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