IO10 beta 2 released.

Hello, I hope everyone has had a good week. As you can see by the title today I am going to be writing about the 2nd beta for IOS10. I know it my second IOS 10 post in two weeks but I wasn’t expecting the 2nd beta so soon.I also really find things like this really fun to write about. Anyway there are so many small changes with this update so i’m just going to talk about the ones I like and dislike as many of them don’t make a difference to me.

1: 3D touch toggles updated: Not a big change but instead of the options for the flashlight being high,medium and low intensity they have now been changed to bright,medium, and low light.

2:Animated padlock icon: something I really liked when IOS10 came out was the little lock icon at the top of the lock screen. Well now when your phone unlocks the icon slides to reveal the text ‘unlocked’. I think this is really sleek and I hope apple don’t remove this in future betas because I think its really cool.

3:Sounds: A few things have changed when it comes to sounds with this update i’m not very happy with the first one as I really liked it on the first beta. So on IOS10 beta one the loud annoying typing sound was changed to slightly smoother more muffled sound. It was just a lot nice but now apple has changed it back the the original. I think this is such a bad downgrade and I really hope it can make an appearance on the final version. The second sound change is that when you are sliding through numbers to set an alarm or timer a more noticeable/ louder clicking noise has been put in place.This doesn’t bother me that much,but again a change I don’t think was needed.

4:Music app: I am so happy with the changes that have been made to the music app with this beta. Firstly the text has been made smaller and thinner meaning its less in your face when you open the app.I think this is a great change as it just makes everything look like it fits together better. The toggle called ‘downloaded music’ has been shortened ‘to downloads’ again just makes it all look a bit nicer.

5:Rest to unlock:  Before you had to press the home button for the phone to realise you wanted to get in where as now you can unlock your phone by simply resting your finger on the sensor.It feels a lot smoother and quicker. This has to be turned on in accessibility settings but its so easy to do and is 100% worth it.

The following are just a few other features that I personally wont be using but are still

  • Become an organ doner through the health app
  • Split screen through the app store (I Pad Pro)
  • Apple feedback
  • New Reduce White Point percentage in Accessibility settings
  • New wallpaper
  • I-message store
  • larger widgets can be used in notification centre

I know there were a lot of changes and tweaks made with this update, but like I said there were just too many to cover. I hoped you enjoyed finding out more about this update,I really enjoy writing posts like this. Have an amazing week and I will see you in my next post… byee 🙂


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