Hey guys, I hope you have all had a great start to the summer. I am so excited to share with you my latest blog series. On the 3rd Sunday of every month I am going to write about different music based dream lists. Today I am stating with my dream festival lineup. Lets get started…

If you know me well you will know that I really wanted to go to a festival this year. I wasn’t able to so instead I have spent a lot of time watching the livestreams feeling extremely jealous of everyone there.I love live music more than anything. This got me thinking If I got to choose a festival lineup who would I choose?  A lot of these people I do mention a lot here but what can I say they are great. There are just so many people I want to see live and here are some of them:

Ed Sheeran- Its obvious Ed would be on the top of this list because he’s my fave but he carries himself so well onstage without a band,dancers or backing singers which is something not many artists can do. I have seen him live 4 times now and I have seen videos of his sets at festivals. He is just amazing live and I would love to see him in a festival environment.

The 1975- Again you are probably not surprised that they are making this list. I have watched most of their sets from uk festivals this year and they put on such an amazing show. Matty interacts with the audience really well and even sometimes has a rant and I just love it. Their songs are just so good live. Again like Ed Sheeran they don’t need high production levels to have a fantastic show.

Jake Bugg- I have recently fallen in love with Jake Bugg. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to find him, but I’m so glad I have because he is amazing. I have been obsessed with his festival sets this year and I really hope I can see him live at some point. 

Jack Garratt- I heard about Jack through MTV new last year. I spend a lot of time just flicking through music channels so a lot of jacks music started to pop up. He really interested me because of how he loops and builds up songs like Ed Sheeran. I really admire what he does live  as again he carries himself really well. 

The weeknd- the weeknd is one of those artists that I think is better live than on record. I don’t know why this is but I remember being in love with his album the first time I heard it and being amazed.I remember being even more amazed hearing his live vocal talents. I watched his radio 1 big weekend set and just fell in love. 

Hozier- Hozier has such a haunting voice and he has the power to just take over a crowd and really capture them. I would love to be in a crowd environment watching/listening to him as I just think it would be an amazing experience.

Beyonce- Queen B herself actually headlined Glastonbury a couple of years back… and it was just as amazing  as you could imagine. I have always wanted to see her live but since the release of lemonade I have been listening to a lot more of beyonce. 

Nina Nesbitt- Nina has such a powerful voice, amazing songwriting talents and plays her music herself. Although I’m not a huge fan of her I still think it would be really fun to see her live. 

James Bay- I have watched a lot of videos of James live and he just puts the whole crowd into such a good mood. His music is so uplifting and again he plays instruments himself which shows his skills. 

Adele- I have so admit I have never really been a fan of Adele. I have never really got the big deal surrounding her, until Glastonbury last month. She headlined the Saturday night and I was amazed. She interacts with the audience so well and he voice is just fantastic. I still don’t se myself buying her records but as I Alice act I think she is amazing.

Jesse ware- Personally  I couldn’t see Jessie headlining on a main stage I see her in possibly a smaller more intimate tent. I love her voice and she has such a graceful stage presence. 

Obviously there are many more people I could mention as the list of artists I am in love with goes on forever. These are just the ones that came into my head when I asked myself this question. And let’s be honest this would be a pretty good festival. I hope you all enjoyed this first post in this series, I really enjoyed writing  it and I’m looking forward to this series.

See you in my next post guys,byeeeee 🙂


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