2016 VMA predictions.

Hey, guys, I hope you have all had an amazing week. I can’t believe I am over halfway through my summer holiday it’s mad how fast it’s gone. As you can probably gather from the title today I am going to be making my predictions for this years VMA’s. I am aware I am very early in writing this as I usually do It a week or a couple of days before but next we hit the 3rd Sunday of the month next week meaning another post in my ‘dream series’. The awards are taking place at the one and only Madison square gardens on the 28th of August. Unfortunately, as I live in the UK I won’t be able to watch it until a couple of days later as it isn’t aired live over here. Saying that for the AMA’s I did get up at 2 in the morning in the hope of streaming it and to my surprise the stupid link I had spent ages trying to find didn’t work 😦 So yeah I’m in no rush to do that again.

If you know me you will know that I am obsessed with music videos I will spend hours watching them on TV or Youtube I watch too many and waste too much time but it’s what I like to do. In a way, I don’t feel this awards show gives a fair representation of all music. I mean some of my favourite videos from some of my favourite artists have never even been nominated. For example, my personal favourite music video ever ‘Robbers’ by The 1975 has never been up and that video is art if you have never seen that video I highly recommend it. It is based on the 1993 film ‘true romance’ and really goes well with the whole mood of the film. Other more recent videos from them let’s take a couple ‘A change of heart’ and ‘Somebody else’ these don’t make an appearance either even with the bands’ recent success in America. I just really feel with this year’s nominations they have really tried to keep it mainstream with artists like ‘Beyonce’ and ‘Adele’ leading with nominations these are both artists I love (no shade I swear). It can’t just be me that thinks there should be a limit to the amount of artists that can be put up, purely because it’s just a bit annoying and sometimes It can feel sort of rigged. I know award shows like this is more mainstream based but I would appreciate seeing more new artists getting the recognition they deserve. I also find writing my predictions and supporting then in a blog post is really difficult because when all the same videos are repeated I find I repeate myself a lot. Phew… now I have got that little rant over and done with shall we actually get on to the nominations ?


Formation- Beyonce

Sorry- Justin Beiber

Hello- Adele

Hotline Bling- Drake

Famous-Kanye West

Who I want to win-  I find this award to be rather strange and hard to judge because each video is very different. They have differnt quality’s I like and dislike but just because my obsession with the song I have to say ‘Formation’. If you read my lemonade review you would know I love the whole album but I do really like this track. Getting away from the song and getting on to the video… The formation video was the first visual insight fans got to ‘Lemonade’ making it quite a big deal. The video is about the empowerment of black people specifically black women. To be honest on this list I think it’s the video with the most meaning so in my eyes making it the one I want to see win.

Who I think will win-  Famous-Kanye west. I hate to say it I really do but I really do think Mr west may grab this one. Let me explain my reason, I think this will purely for the hype there was so much controversy surrounding this song and video. If you haven’t been living under an internet deprived rock for the last month or two you will be aware of all the drama. For those that have here is a quick recap. This time last year all seemed over with the Taylor Kanye drama flowers were sent and hugs were given. It wasn’t up until Kanye’s release of his latest record  ‘The life of Pablo’ that it all went south. The album featured a song called ‘Famous’ the song included the lyrics ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex why? I made that bitch famous’ It all kicked off with Taylor and her reps denying that she was told about the lyrics. Kim Kardashian who we all know is Kanye’s wife then leaked the video of Kanye on the phone to Taylor talking about the lyrics. Taylor is heard saying she thinks it’s cool and that she’s okay with it. The reason this has anything to do with the  video is because it is of naked celebrity waxworks  lying in a bed with Kim and Kanye. One of them being Taylor. when the video came out it was only available on ‘Tidal’ for a short while before appearing on youtube. The video has gathered a lot of attention from a lot of people and I feel this may be enough to win the award + the song is actually really good. I also think that Kanye will win this just so they have to chance to have him on stage in the hope he will say something outrageous that will make newspaper front pages getting the awards publicity.


Into you- Ariana Grande

Work- Rhianna feat Drake

Cheap thrills- Sia


Hold Up- Beyonce

Who I want to win– Hold up- Beyonce.  I know we are only two awards in and I already want to Beyonce win both of them but the have  been the videos I have enjoyed most out of lineups. So I have to admit that ‘Hold up’ isn’t my favourite song on the album, however, it is my favourite video on the lemonade film. The video shows Bey running around a street in a floaty yellow dress looking all pretty with a baseball bat smashing everything up. I feel it really represents her as a person it shows her crazy side a bit while still slaying. The video was really well put together and I  just generally loved the mood and everything about it.

Who I think will win-Hello-Adele. They aren’t going to let her go home empty handed are they. Adele will win at least one award and I think it will be this one.And to be honest I think this song is the best song lyrically on this lineup but the video didn’t really cut it for me. sidenote though I don’t really see how ‘Work’ even qualifies to be in this category as it’s the female category and well its featuring Drake who if you haven’t noticed is a man making him male not female like come on guys YOU HAD ONE JOB. Yeah, the video was good but good for a collab category. I loved the ‘Kiss it better’ video. I thought it was simple but effective and artistic therefore making it more suited for this award. But like I say I think Adele stands the best chance of winning this.



Into you-Ariana Grande

Wild things- Alessia Cara

Sorry-Justin Beiber


Who I want to win- Wild things-Alessia Cara.I’m really happy that Alessia is up for this one  as amongst some of the biggest stars in the world. Honestly, I don’t think she will win just because like I say the people she is up against are really big. I would really love to see her win because the video is so good if you haven’t seen it yet it’s just her and some of her friends having fun. I love the editing in this video, it’s really fast paced making it really quick and interesting to watch.

Who I think will win-Sorry-Justin Beiber.Due to this being the pop category I think Justin will win this one. The video portrays the upbeat tempo of the song well and is a dance crew dancing (funny that). I think the video is overall really good and the choreography is well put together.


Can’t feel my face- The weeknd

This is what you came for- Calvin Harris featuring Rhianna

Hotline Bling- Drake

Don’t- Bryson Tiller

Famous- Kanye west

Who I want to win- Can’t feel my face- The Weeknd- This is my clear winner out of this ‘t list. The video is so amazing. If you haven’t seen it it’s basically him on stage in front of a really unresponsive bored crowd. He then bursts into flames and all of a sudden the crowd are paying attention and watching him. It represents that in the music industry that you need to do something explosive to stand out and to get people to notice you. I think it’s really clever and effective, but not just that the special effects are so realistic.

Who I think will win-This is what you came for- Calvin Harris featuring Rhianna- Again like I said for the last award why is there a female artist in the male category. Putting this aside I think the video is really cool. There has been a lot of stuff online linking the video to the Illuminati which to me is just creepy, but I think it stands a really good chance as the effects and lighting are really awesome.


Angels-Chance the rapper featuring Saba


Hotline bling- Drake

Don’t-Bryson Tiller

Watch Out- 2 Chainz

Who I want to win-  Noone I don’t like any of them to be honest.

Who I think will win-Hotline bling- It’s the video I am the most familiar with and shots of Drake dancing in the video sparked a lot of hilarious dad dancing memes. The song was a big hit and the video attracted a lot of internet attention giving it an advantage.Other than this I can’t really say much else because I’m not a huge fan of hip-hop music.


Work- Rhianna featuring Drake

Work from home- Fifth Harmony featuring Ty dollar sign

Freedom- Beyonce featuring Kendrick Lamar

This is what you came for- Calvin Harris featuring Rhianna

Let me love you- Ariana Grande featuring Lil Wayne

Who I want to win-Freedom- Beyonce featuring Kendrick Lamar. This is my favourite song from ‘Lemonade’ and the video didn’t fail to disappoint. You just want to scream all the lyrics at the top of your lungs it’s just that kind of song.The song follows a theme both Beyonce and Kendrick are very passionate about, black empowerment. The video features  model Winnie Harlow. I think everything this song and video stands for makes it deserving of this award.

Who I think will win- Work from home- Fifth Harmony featuring Ty dollar sign. Personally, I do not like this song and I do not like this video, however, due to the band’s recent success and their growing fan base I think it will give them a chance. I think the video Is trashy and I really don’t like the song. I feel it is just typical pop music and I’m not really into that. They will win just because I can’t see the show letting them go home empty handed.



Delilah-Florance + the Machine

M3LL155X-FKA twigs


WTF (where they from?)-Pharrell Williams featuring Missy Elliott

Who I want to win- Delilah-Florance + the Machine- This video Is amazing. I don’t know much about dancing and choreography but all I can say this video is really interesting to watch. ps the song is really good as well .

Who I think will win-Formation-Beyonce- Like I say I don’t know much about choreography but I do know that Bey and her dancers slay in this video.



Lazarus- David Bowie


The less I know the better- Tame Impala

Up&up- Coldplay

Who I want to win-Up&Up- Coldplay. This is my favourite video of this year by far. It’s so clever. The breathtaking visual effects were createdd by Glorafx a Ukraine based visual effects company  and was directed by young directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia. THe video has been described as  a poignant, surrealist montage which alludes to contemporary issues’.I love the way the camrea pans so softley across the scenes it’s so effective yet suble. The use of varied shots is also really effetcive as you are seeing different parts of the video in different perspectives. None of that proberlyt made any sence but I esure that  if you watch it it will. This is one of the best videos I have ever seen and I really think it is deserving of this award.

Who I think will win-Up&up- Coldplay- LIke I just explained above I feel really strongly that this video will get this award.



Zara Larsson

Bryson Tiller

Lukas Graham


Who I want to win-  Lukas Graham- The danish pop band broke onto the scene last year with their debut single ‘seven years’ as much as I cannot stand that song anymore mostly because MTV have played it to death I really did like it. I don’t think I have acatully liked any of the other artists songs so yeah I would like to see them win.

Who I think will win-  DNCE- I honstley think they will win just becuasr theres a jonas brother in the band.Their music does well I the charts an they have built up a rather large fanbase.THey are not what I like to listen to but tehy do appeal to a lot of people.


Formation -Beyoncé


M.I.L.F. $- Fergie

Lazarus- David Bowie

Into you – Ariana Grande

Who I want to win- Into you-Ariana Grande. I love the hue of this video is very pink and purple.I especially love the shots in this video of her in the desert that have the purple haze it looks so light and floaty.

Who I think will win-Lazarus-David Bowie. I love the whole video but the editing wasn’t what stood out to me. I really want to see this video pick up an award because its just an amazing video.







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