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Hello guys, I hope you have all had an amazing week I’m actually on holiday right now.So today I am going to share my dream Ed Sheeran setlist. I have been lucky enough to have seen Ed live four times now, one of them being a super intimate mini show at his Leicester square film premiere. So it’s fair to say I have heard a large proportion of his mainstream music over the last 5 years, but what about all of the Eps and all the early music? That’s why today I am going to be putting together a dream tracklist of all the songs I would love to see live and I’m going right back… Let’s get started
The number of songs played at a show can vary hugely so I’m going to pick 18 as this was the number of songs played at Ed’s Wembley shows.

English rose- This song was unheard until the release of the Wembley version of Multiply. Since Ed hasn’t played many shows since the release of this we never know this could be on the next tours set list. I really love this song and I would love to hear it live purely for the harmonica solo. I would love to see Ed play a harmonica live as It’s something he hasn’t done before.

Afire love
– I am so annoyed because I went to two shows on the multiply tour where he was doing more than one night at that venue and it just happened to be that he didn’t play afire love on the nights I went to. I this was the first song that really struck me the first time I listened to multiply through just because the lyrical content and the rhythm.

Yellow pages
– This song is from Eds third album ‘Want some ?’ This album is extremely rare and Ed never sings these songs live. If you are a true Ed fan reading this you will understand the struggle of wanting to here a grown up Ed singing this live 😦

– Another from ‘want some?’. Smile is my favourite Ed song ever, I don’t even know why it just makes me really happy every time I hear it. Again Ed never sings this song live but I would really love him too but it just won’t happen.

I love you
-Heading right back to Eds first ever EP ‘The orange room’ with this one. If you have heard this EP or even just this song you will know that it’s mostly out of tune and some could say a tad awful. I think the song has so much potential and I would love to see what Ed would do with it live.

Hotel ceiling
– Technically this isn’t eds song but he did write it before giving it to Rixton. This song is still on my playlist even years after it’s release. I would love to hear ed play this on his own as I feel it would just suit him so well.

Everything you are
– this song was on the ‘Don’t’ EP. It’s a really cute song about Ed finding his true love. It’s so cute and innocent I love it.

– this song holds a lot of meaning and is about when Ed spent his time short of money and sofa surfing. It’s a really good song that I have never seen live so that’s why it’s on this list.

– Friends is on the ‘sing’ EP. This is a really calm and mellow song which Is why I love it so much.

– possibly my favourite Ed Sheeran ever she is featured on the ‘songs I wrote with Amy ep’. The whole EP was written with fellow singer songwriter Amy Wadge. This was the first older Ed song I fell in love with so it hold a big place in my heart and I would love to hear this live.

I was made for loving you
– This is a song from American singer-songwriter Tori Kelly’s debut album ‘Unbreakable smile’ and it features ed. The song is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I waited so long for this collaboration and I fell in love the minute I heard it. Ed’s voice is amazing live and from what I have seen in videos Tori also puts on a show so this is a collaboration I would love to hear live.

Make it rain
– if you watch the tv show ‘The sons of anarchy’ you would be aware of this song. It is also on the Wembley edition of multiply but is possibly the most underrated Ed song. The song was written by Foy Vance who has recently signed to eds label ‘Gingerbread man records’. My main reason for wanting to hear this life is Ed’s voice is so strong and powerful in this song and I feel it would have the power to quiet a crowd.

New York
– This song is definitely up in my top 3 Ed songs. A couple of years back Ed played this song at a gig. I watched the videos of the song and fell in love. For a couple of years, I just had this live version downloaded and I has actually given up hope of a studio version being released. Until ed announced the Wembley edition of multiply. I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a song before,there is just something I love about this song and I feel it would create such an amazing atmosphere live.

Kiss me
– This is my favourite song from +. It’s so calming and really showcases Ed’s vocals.

All of the stars
– This song is from the soundtrack of one of my favourite films ‘the fault in our stars’ this song actually made me read the book and I just think everything the film represents bleeds through into this song. I love it so much.

Give me love
-I have actually seen give me love live a couple of times and I absolutely loved it. Thats why it’s makes it onto this list.

The man
– I love this song as it brings out eds angrier and more aggressive side so I would like to see what he would do with it live.

Skinny love
– Ed covered this song a couple of years ago and it was as amazing as you would imagine it to be. His voice is so gentle and

I really hope you enjoyed finding it some of my favourite Ed sheeran songs. I had a lot of fun writing this and I can’t wait to write some more posts for this series.Also sorry this is up a bit later than I expected as like I said I am currently on holiday. I promise regular posting will get back on track soon. See you in my next post byeeee. 🙂


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