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Why I won’t be/didn’t watch the VMA’s this year…

Hey, guys , I can’t believe we are almost at the end of the summer ;( being late August means one thing…VMA’s. Now If you read my post a couple of weeks ago you would know it was my predictions post. Since then I have deleted that post as It all just felt a bit repetitive which was just boring.You may remember that I started the post with a bit of a rant and since I posted it I have been thinking (crazy I know). I have come to the conclusion that I won’t be tuning into the awards this year and here’s why…

Reason 1- It doesn’t stream live in the UK. If you want to watch it In the UK you have to wait until 9pm the next evening. There is the option of getting up in the night to watch some unreliable stream. In my opinion, that’s not worth it and I really think that MTV should show It live in the UK for people that are willing to stay up and watch it. I mean I’m really hard to try and avoid news about the show and its biggest winners dramas etc and who wants to watch it when they know everything that happened.

Reason 2- It’s not even about the videos. As someone who is really interested in music videos and would love to have a job in music video production, I do watch a lot of them. It’s so clear to see it’s not the video that’s winning (or even the song for that matter) it’s about the artist. There are so many fantastic videos this year that haven’t got any recognition. In no way and I saying some of the videos aren’t good because some of them are amazing but it is obvious that it’s not the quality of content of the video that’s winning. I can see where they are coming from putting more mainstream artists up because they are the ones that people will tune into to watch but in my opinion most of the best videos this year have been from smaller artists and it would be nice to see them get recognition for their ideas and work. I know they do have awards from best direction and special effects etc  but these will most likely not be televised which is a shame because it rewards the people behind the scenes but doesn’t give them a chance to accept the award.

Reason 3- Repetition repetition repetition. WHY I hate this more than anything, to be honest. I don’t understand why the same people are up time and time again. If really wouldn’t hurt to change it around a bit or even have more nominees in each category just to make it more interesting. This links back to what I was saying about my post being boring and repetitive there is just not any talking points of the nominations.  My favourite awards show is the Grammys as while they do repeat over some of the artists, songs etc they honour every genre.

Reason 4- Drama. The VMA’s have had a fair share of drama over the years including Kanye famous interruption of Taylor swifts speech, “Miley what’s good ?”. It really hard to try and distinguish what’s real and whats not. Let’s take the Taylor and Nicki Minaj drama. They had an argument on twitter when the nominations came out but then somehow magically made up and opened the show together. To me, something about that doesn’t seem right, and obviously loads of people then viewed the video online etc. It’s all just a bit sketchy.

Reason 5- I’m just not really a fan of any of the performers. It’s all just so mainstream and all about production flashing lights and dancers. Which I guess is what appeals to their audience but I would rather hear some real music and not lip syncing.

Whoa. This post seems to have just turned into a bit of a rant but I just really wanted to get this out there. In all fairness, I will probably skim through once I record it Monday just to check bits of it out but I’m not as excited as I have been in the past for awards and it’s not really appealing to me this year . I hope your enjoyed my rambling I do enjoy writing posts like this. Anyway, I will see you next Sunday… bye guys


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