Hello again guys, Back to school in a couple of days for me now 😦 I’m currently trying to make the most of what I have left of this summer and I thought what better thing to do than write one of my favourite types of posts. Yes, this is another one of my playlists, I have found and brought so much amazing music this month and I can’t wait to share it all with you. The difference is this is going to be a sort of vinyl haul as well. Let’s get started…

First up on my list is something really special. You may have heard of a band called ‘The Hunna’ recently, well last Friday they dropped their debut album 100. It is definitely my favourite album of this year so far and it’s unusual I can come to a conclusion in just over a week but I fell in love my first time listening to it. The indie rock-pop band smashed the UK top 20 this week landing at 13 which is amazing for an up and coming bands debut album. I read a review from ‘The guardian’ which was particularly negative and compared the band to Kings of Leon and claimed they had no originality. The band are recent and generally amazing and I feel it is unfair to slate a band at the beginning of their career as they are all so nice and they come across so well on social media and in interviews. They have been played as BBC introducing and are set to start a UK tour this month if you have the chance I totally recommend you get a ticket to see them and just check them out. Now onto the actual vinyl I was lucky enough to get one of the limited signed vinyl’s ,not only is the vinyl signed but it’s sparkly and pink.It’s so pretty and I think there are a couple still available it comes in 3 stunning colours pink, blue or purple and they aren’t charging mega money for them which is something I really respect so head over to their online store now and grab yourself one before they sell out.My favourite song is ‘She’s casual’ and I give the album *****

I’m not going to go too much into this one since I already spoke about it in my first ever playlist towards the end of last year.I am still in love with this song so I thought I would buy it on vinyl because I don’t actually have many singles. The vinyl is pretty standard with the song on side A and the instrumental 0n side B. I don’t know what more to say apart from its pretty great.

I have already brought this EP twice before once on I tunes and once on CD. Did I really need it on vinyl? probably not but I really wanted it because It’s one of my favourite Ed Ep’s.If you don’t know what this ep is its a recording of one of Ed’s Bedford shows back in 2009. The reason I love this EP so much Is because I really love how he interacts with the crowd and it’s really nice to hear how far his voice has come. It’s quite short in length coming in at 31 minutes over 6 tracks but it is an Ep and not a full album.I’m still waiting for a full live album from him.

FINALLY, I OWN THIS ALBUM! For so long now I have been listening to the odd song here and there from this album. It came out in 2014 I’m really not sure why it has taken me so long to buy it but I’m so glad I finally have.The duo grew up quite close to me in Brighton playing small gigs in pubs and clubs so for a band to go from that to playing Glastonbury is really admirable. The albums genres have been described as Hard rock ,blues rock and garage rock all genres I am rather unfamiliar with and not my number one choices but I still find this album amazing and I can’t wait to see what else they come out with.

Hope you enjoyed this little vinyl haul today I love all this music so much and I love sharing it with you. I have something really cool happening this week that you will find out about some point this week. I hope you all have an amazing and I will see you in my next post. Byeee 🙂


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