The Iphone 7 is here!

Hey guys. I know I’m not used to posting midweek but this has to be posted now. AS I write this I am currently watching the apple event I’m currently multitasking and to be honest I am doing a really bad job at it but like I say I wanted to get this up as soon as I could. I’m going to be talking about some of the biggest features for the apple watch and the I phone 7.I wasn’t actually going to post anything but I’m really enjoying the event/ Let’s get started.

First I am going to be talking about the new apple watch series 2. main feature points:

main feature points:

  •  50% faster (dual core processor)
  • GPS capabilities
  • swim proof 50 meters
  • 2x brighter screen
  • ceramic buying option.
  • special Nike + edition

I was so amazed when all these features were being announced, I can’t some of the stuff this watch can do is so incredible. I have to say by far my favourite feature is the waterproofing also described as swim proof. I have been pretty hesitant to want an apple watch purely because I eould forget to take it off when showering and then that would be hundreds of pounds gone.  The watch has also come such a long way with the speed it is now up to 50% faster using the new dual-core processor and the screen being upgraded hugely. One of the talking points of the new apple watches is the special nike+ edition. Apple has worked closely with Nike before and they have gone at it again releasing a watch aimed specifically at runners. The watch has a breathable design making it really comfortable for any keen runner.The apple watch 2 is due to be released in the coming weeks with the Nike + coming in october. The apple 1 has also been updated to the new processor which is nice as they haven’t forgotten about where it all started. The apple watches 1 is going to re-launch at an affordable $261 which is just over 200 pound. The new apple watches 2 and nice edition is launching at a more expensive $369 but in my opinion if you use it to its full capability its 100% worth it.

now on to the main talking point THE IPHONE 7 . I don’t know about you but I have been following all the rumors and speculation so it is just really nice to know the truth. There are so many amazing features so I am just going to cut it to the top 7.

  • New ‘Black’ colour
  • duel lens on 7+
  • waterproof technology
  • optimised home button
  • updated storage
  • headphone jack removed
  • apple air pods introduced

I’m going to go down the list and explain everything as there is a lot of things to cover.

new design- Wow just wow. I am in love with the new ‘black’ colour. There were so many rumors and speculated names for the new colour would it be called jet black or even piano black answer is no its simply called ‘black’. The black iPhone will also have a blacked out logo and almost invisible antennae.It’s going to be so sleek and I can’t wait to see it in person as the pictures look perfect. This colour is only coming out in the top two storage choices which means it’s slightly exclusive making it very special.

duel lens on 7+- There are going to be 2 lenses on the Iphone 7+ they will work together to offer a better zoom and photo quality. I have seen some of the pictures taken on the 7 and 7+ and they are the best photos taken on an i phone yet and I can’t wait to see some more.

Waterproof technology- It does what it says on the tin and is perfect for people who are clumsy or get annoyed when their phone gets wet in the rain. This isn’t a big deal for me, it’s nice to have the security but it’s nothing I would get too excited about on a phone.

New home button- Just like we have seen on the iPod nano and the newer macbooks. The new home button will allow you to adjust your pressure for different tasks. It is built into the phones main design meaning it is less likely to break meaning no more sticking buttons.

Updated storage- They are finally making the change they needed to. Totally ditching the 16GB models.The iPhone 7’s base storage will be 32GB going up to  an amazing 256GB. I mean everyone hates running out of storage and having to delete pictures and music etc.

headphone jack removed- NO APPLE WHY YOU DO THIS? There were so many reports of this happening and when it finally was announced I wasn’t too excited. The famous headphone jack has been removed and replaced with another speaker.Obviously, the phone will be 2x louder which is great if you are into that. Bluetooth speakers are so cheap and small now we don’t need out phones to be louder.

Air pods- So you are probably wondering how do you listen to music without a headphone jack. well, the answer is Air pods. Air pods are wireless in-ear pods that connect to your iPhone through a Bluetooth connection. I have to admit I’m not a fan they are too small and I feel lots of people won’t be able to fit them in their ears comfortably and they may get lost. They are really expensive selling at $159. For that price, you can buy a great pair of beats or bose headphones .

So they are some of the main features from the latest apple event. I really enjoyed watching the event and I really loved Sia’s performance at the end. I know there is so much I have properly missed but like I say I wanted to get the main things up. I will see you all on Sunday for a really special post you will find out about soon, bye x 🙂 

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