Hello, today I am going to be giving you the opportunity to win something. Exciting I know. Anyway, I have worked closely with JF Rabbits to put together this giveaway but first, let me tell you a bit about the brand.

JF rabbit makes flavoured water that it to die for. It comes in three unique and tasty flavours beetroot, ginger and cucumber. Their water is super good for you and contains less than ten calories which is crazy because of the taste. Here is their website I have to admit I am in love with their website: http://www.jfrabbit.com/

let’s get on to what you all want to know about.. the giveaway.

Jf have been really really generous and are gifting 3 of you a box. There is going to be one winner on each of my social medias Instagram, facebook and twitter. It is UK only but guys please just check them out because they are really great. This will end in three weeks time on the 29th.

here are the links you need to enter:

Retweet this tweet: 

Comment on this post bonus entry if friend tagged:

Comment on this post bonus entry if friend tagged: 



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