Dream setlist | The 1975

Hey, guys, I hope you have all had an amazing week. I’m really excited to write this post as this series is going down really well with you lot.The last dream setlist was my Ed Sheeran one and this as you can tell by the title this is going to be my 1975 one. Like I did on my previous one I am going to be choosing 18 songs that go together to make my dream setlist.Let’s get started…

So far (It’s Alright) – I fell in love the first time I heard this song and it has just been one of them songs that sticks with you and finds it’s way onto every playlist. It’s such a cool and lighthearted song, I love it.

you-100% my favourite EP song. I want to see this live so so bad it’s  produced so well. Everything about it is great.

The ballad of me and my brain-  This is a rather short song that really stood out to me my first time listening to iliwysfyasbysuoi. It’s quite an aggressive loud song  about matts mental health and the effects on it of fame. I love how real his voice is om this song it cracks a bit and is raspy throughout which all helps to add emotion.

love me- This is the first single from Iliwysfysbysuoi. The song has an electro pop vibe that I really love and of course, matt’s voice is about as amazing as its gets .They also seem to have a lot of fun playing it live as you may have seen at the mercury awards last week.

Sorry (cover)- If you love radio 1’s live lounge sessions you most likely would have heard this cover. I love they did with it ,they just put that special 1975 twist on it with the sax and obviously, Matts’ voice made it so special. Here it is please do yourself a favour and watch it because it is perfection:

Chocolate- Do I even need to explain why this song if perfect?

Falling for  you- This song literally makes me want to sleep and like not in a bad way. It’s so calm and quiet

Antichrist- This was the first EP song of theirs that I ever heard so It will always hold a special meaning for me.

nana- This song is about matters nan and her death. It’s a really personal song that’s obviously really close to him. The way he speaks about her and how he admires her is really sweet and heartwarming.

Robbers- Fave fave fave

If I believe you- This song speaks about matters religious views. Religion and religious views are obviously a touchy subject but matt speaks about it in such an amazing and clever way.Let’s be honest the saxophone in this song is literally my favourite.

M.O.N.E.Y- This song is one of my favourites from the self-titled album. I feel it gets forgotten about as it wasn’t a big single but its still an amazing song even though it’s so underrated.

Milk- This song is rather short coming in at just over two minutes. It’s the last song on the ‘sex’ EP. It’s a really mellow /quiet and I think it’s a good tie to the end of the album to really close it all off.

A change of heart-  I really really love this song for many reasons. The techno vibe of the song makes it stand out on this album. The Lyrics are really clever in my opinion with links back to previous songs etc. The video is also super cute If you haven’t checked that out yet you really should.

girls-  how could you have a 1975 setlist without this one ?

menswear- Despite being short in length and having a long intro this song was one that I fell in love with. Actually the first time I heard it matters sudden vocals actually scared me but its so powerful.

Somebody else- I loved this song when I first heard It but I do have to admit that The video made me love the song 10x more.

Loving someone- I love this song purely because of how passionate he is when he sings it live. He sings about pop culture and how it affects youth. It’s a really fast-paced song so It’s hard to interpret the lyrics upon first listen but with  a quick read through the lyrics the message becomes clear

A little apology I write all this post up and when I went to edit It…It was gone. So I am sorry that some of these explanations are short but I have to rewrite it all from memory. Let’s move on from that anyway I sort of love this little setlist I have put together.

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