September playlist

Hey guys, I hope you have had an amazing week. It’s that time of the month again where I share with you all my music picks from the last month. Trust me this has been a good month when it comes to music. Let’s just jump straight into it…

First up is the comeback hit from X factor winner James Arthur ‘Say you won’t let go’. I have always liked James and enjoyed his music but he hasn’t done too much in the last couple of years so I hate to say it but I had kind of forgotten about him. so when I went on to iTunes and saw that he was in the top 10 I was really
excited. I listened to the sample of it and within 5 seconds I instantly knew that it would be my new obsession. So with that, I headed over t
o Spotify and fell down a deep hole of his music and I just listened for hours and hours. Say you won’t let go is such a sweet song and does really gives off the singer-songwriter vibe I really love. This Friday it was announced say you won’t let go reached no1 on the UK singles chart I was so proud of him as reaching number one with I hate to say it a real song (not a dance track) is such an amazing achievement. James’s new album ‘back from the edge’ is released on the 28th of this month and I really can’t wait

The weekend is back and he has brought some friends in the form of hit duo daft punk. Starboy is the lead single from his upcoming album ‘Starboy’ (due for release late next month) I’m not usually a fan of daft punk but this is something different probably because I just love Abel’s voice go much to care about much else. This is like nothing we have heard from the weekend before and I hope there is more like is on the album as I think it’s really amazing

A monthly playlist isn’t a monthly playlist without a cheeky little throwback. Lana del Rey’s ‘High by the beach’. I have loved this song for ages now but I have fallen in love with it all over again. Her voice is just so mellow and calm it makes you want to go to sleep (in a good way) there is just something so haunting about her voice that makes it so magical to listen to and that just keeps pulling me back.
Here my inner little basic white girl coming through . As much as I tried I have been unable to stop listening to ‘closer ‘. I first heard it when I was watching the performances from the VMA’s. I’m not normally a fan of any song with a dance beat etc I’m more interested in acoustic music but I thought this song sounded pretty awesome. Halsey features on this song and her voice is just perfection it’s so light and gives the song a really lighthearted song that contrasts the deeper voice of the other vocalist.

I really hope you enjoyed reading about my music picks this month, I totally recommend you check them all out if you haven’t already as they are all so amazing.Anyway,I will see you in my next post. Bye guys 🙂


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