Hey guys, I’m back with you again talking about my 3rd favourite night in music…The EMA awards. The reason it’s my third is obviously because the brits in my number 1 and the Grammys are my second favourite. I’m not too much of a fan of the MTV run award shows anymore as I find they are very unfair and favourite mainstream acts but the EMA’s are the best of them for me as they include a lot more smaller artists which obviously I think is really important. We all know how these posts work by now I will not only tell you who I think will win I will also tell you who I want to win. Also little disclaimer my opinion on some artists may be seen as harsh but they are only my opinion and god knows I have listened to some awful music at times so don’t take any offence.

Biggest Fans Award:
Lady Gaga
Shawn Mendes
Ariana Grande
Justin Bieber

Who I think will win: Ariana Grande, Due to the fact that this is an award the public vote for I 100% think Ariana will win.She has a huge fanbase who care for her so much and will all vote. I mean you only have to look on twitter to find all of her dedicated fans they are everywhere.

Who I want to win:Shawn Mendes, His fans are just so nice. One of my close internet friends is obsessed with him and it’s really cute. From what I see online his fandom is mostly drama free. But like I say I haven’t delved too much into it but that’s just what I gather

Best Male: The Weeknd
Shawn Mendes
Calvin Harris
Justin Bieber

Who I think will win: Justin Bieber, Justin has had a heck of a year since his ‘purpose’ release last year. He has regained his reputation after his difficult period. His fans are really supportive of him and he has done a good job of relaunching himself as a mature artist . And who can deny that that album was fire?

Who I want to win: The weeknd, who else would it be. I feel each of these artists have something special about them and all have a strong case to win, but purely off of the basis of who’s music I enjoy most I would have to say The Weeknd. His album ‘Beauty behind the madness’ was easily one of my favourite albums of 2015-2016.I’m looking so forward to hearing his new album ‘starboy’ late next month.

Best Female:
Lady Gaga

Who I think will win: Adele, no award show is complete without honouring one of the biggest stars of all time. Her album 25 did amazing in the charts and I have yet to find a person who hasn’t liked at least one song from it.

Who I want to win: Beyonce, I love lemonade so much that I wrote a whole post dedicated to it: LEMONADE . I think her comeback was very clever and I love the whole visual album thing that she did so I would love to see her pick up this award.

Best Pop:
Shawn Mendes
Ariana Grande
Fifth Harmony
Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez

Who I think will win: Fifth Harmony, I personally really don’t like Fifth Harmony and I don’t enjoy their music. I feel as individuals they are all super talented but they are all just put together to make what I see as trashy pop music. my opinions aside they have built a huge fanbase in a very short period of time and people buy and enjoy their music so you can’t discredit their success.I’m just not a fan.

Who I want to win:Rhianna, After watching her many performances at this years VMA’s I was so impressed. Her voice is so powerful and she comes across as a really genuine, nice person so I really think she deserves this one.

Best Push Artist
Bebe Rexha
Alessia Cara
Lukas Graham
Jack Garratt
Jonas Blue
Elle King
Charlie Puth

Who I think will win:Halsey, Halsey has just blown up over the last year. I can’t call myself a fan as I don’t enjoy her music but I do think she will win as she is really successful. As this vote is open to the public I think she will have a greater chance than if it was by critics as she does have a huge fanbase.

Who I want to win, Jack Garratt,Anne-Marie. I love them both so much I couldn’t choose. Like I have said many time before in previous posts I saw Anne -Marie at Wembley when I saw Ed and I thought she was amazing. Jack Garratt is so great as well, his album ‘Phase’ is so different to a lot of other mainstream music. His Glastonbury set was possibly my favourite set from this year’s festivals. He also just seems to be a really nice guy I follow him on snapchat and he just seems like a lot of fun to be around I think being a likeable character is also really important when it comes to the music industry. I will be so happy if either of these win to be honest.

Best Look
Lady Gaga
Bebe Rexha

Who I think will win: Beyonce, Look I’m hardly a fashion expert but Beyonce always looks good, her outfits are always on point she always looks so elegant and sophisticated. So yeah I think we will see her pick this one up.

Who I want to win: Beyonce, ^^

Best Hip-Hop
Kanye West
Wiz Khalifa

Who I think will win: G-Eazy, he has had an amazing year featuring here and there on some big tracks. There is something about this voice that is really soothing and he just adds that something special to a song when he features.

Who I want to win: Kanye west, YES I want Kanye to win. As much as I tried not to like ‘The life of Pablo’ I just kept listening. Not saying I’m a fan of him as a person but his music is good and I think he is a very clever man.
Best Alternative
Tame Impala
The 1975
Twenty-one pilots
Kings Of Leon

Who I think will win: The 1975, YESSS finally they are getting noticed. I genuinely think they might get this one they really deserve it. I just love them so much and I think that it’s amazing that they are getting recognised.

Who I want to win: ^^^

Best Live Act
Green Day
Twenty-one pilots

Who I think will win: Adele, She is such an amazing live act. I love how she interacts with the audience I feel that really important to make the artist not look like a robot on stage. Adele is just a really down to earth person and that really comes across in her shows.

Who I want to win: Beyonce: Her live shows look so amazing, she is a true performer. I don’t know how she manages to sing while dancing like she does and to not get out of breath.
Hope you all enjoyed reading about my predictions for this year’s EMA’s. Tune in on November 6, 2016 to find out if I was right. I will see you all next week, byeee.


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