Killer clowns?

Hey guys, so you know it’s Halloween in a couple of weeks time and I have had a couple of people asking me to write about this creepy clown situation going down at the moment.

So if you haven’t been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks you will probably know all about what this is. But for those who don’t here’s a little run down. It all started in Greenville, South Carolina where it’s reported that children were asked into the woods by clowns in return for candy and money. Thankfully the children were smart enough to say no and ran and told their parents who were quick to alert the police of the incident. The story made they front of the local papers. Following this more and more clown sightings began to get reported throughout the US. Some were standing in the middle of roads others under lampposts and of course in the woods. A lot of people reported that the clowns were even holding large and threatening weapons including butcher knives and baseball bats. There are too many encounters to talk about all of them from the US but I am going to talk about a couple that I thought were really creepy.

In California, there are reports that a clown attempted to kidnap a one-year-old child from his mother. No arrests have currently been made but it’s being looked into.

In Missouri, a driver reported to the police that he had seen clowns lurking around a high school during the night.

A few weeks after the clown breakout in the US the craze then spread to Canada. Here are a few sighting stories:

In New Brunswick, police investigations are still ongoing for sightings in which a clown was seen jumping in front of cars.

In Quebec, there were really scary incidents that involved young children being chased by clowns. And cars being chased by clowns on foot wielding chainsaws.

Now onto the ones that to me are the most creepy being that I do live in the UK. I’m not overly scared of clowns so to me in not too worried about it all but of course, anyone running around with weapons is pretty worrying. In Kent alone, there was 59 clown related sightings between the 7th and 10th of October.

A man in Plymouth was walking home from the supermarket when he was confronted by a clown carrying a hammer. The clown stood in his way blocking his path. The man asked the clown to move before the man ran towards the clown who then ran off.

In Tredegar (South Wales) a young 10-year-old boy was hit by a rock thrown by a clown. He was Shaken but luckily only got a bruise.

On the night of October 10th, a 10-year-old girl in Bridgend claimed a group of 4 clowns followed and approached her in a park. They were carrying sledgehammers.

The reports go on and on. This craze spread worldwide here are a. Our of stories from other places in the world,

In Australia, a father and his two daughters were buying ice cream when they were approached by a clown that attempted to steal one of the girl’s phones.

A man in Denmark almost hit a clown standing in the middle of the road when returning home from a football game. The clown was holding an axe.

There have been thousands of clown sightings with a lot of them following a similar story of a clown standing or chasing a person holding a weapon.

Of course, the craze spread after a lot of people began speaking about it on social media. This is where you have to take everything with a pinch of salt, a lot of videos posted online have since come out to have been faked. Which makes you think are any of these real ? Like really real. I’m not sure. But to be honest it’s working because people are just eating up everything the internet is saying about these clowns. A lot of fancy dress shops around the world have now stopped renting and selling clown outfits and a lot of countries have issued warnings about the clowns and have been told to not dress up as clowns as they will be arrested and charged.

Since all of this has happened a few theories have surfaced online that claim to offer explanations for this. I’m going to go through the main few.

The one that makes the most sense to me is that it’s all a big publicity stunt for the remake of the movie ‘It’. If you haven’t seen or heard about the film it. It’s basically about a clown that terrorises children and even kills them. The film originally came out in 1990 as an adaptation of Stephen kings novel. Well, next year the remake is coming out and this is said to be a publicity stunt to promote it. This wouldn’t be the first time publicity stunts have been set up to promote films. You may remember the Charlie Charlie craze the swept the Internet back in 2014 I think it was. That was a publicity stunt for a film called ‘The Gallows’, now the film company never gained responsibility for the craze this is said to be for how out of order and messed up it got. So why wouldn’t they create a publicity stunt for the remake of it?

The second theory is that it’s done to worship a serial killer. And this one I believe a little less as I just don’t really think it is, to be honest, but people are saying that it’s linked to John Wayne Gacy. Gacy was a serial killer that killed at least 33 men and young boys. He often dressed up as a clown and threw parties for his neighbours. The way he would get his victims was to lure them into his house with the promise of candy. which is similar to the first clown sighting. I personally don’t think this is a cult thing but I’m just sharing the theories with you.

Another crazy theory that I don’t believe but I guess could actually be true is that it has all been created by Donald trump. A lot of people online are saying that Trump’s campaign is run on fear and that soon he is going to speak about the clowns and tell everyone that he is going to help them fight it.To be honest, anyone that votes for someone because they say they are going to get rid of clowns is really stupid anyway.

I hope you liked this creepy Halloween post I actually really enjoyed writing it. I am planning on posting a few more like this in the run-up to Halloween. See you in my next post byeeee.


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