Jamie lawson / Brighton dome

Hey guys, I hope you have all had a good week I definitely have.
Friday night I was fortunate enough to go and watch the amazing Jamie Lawson live in Brighton. If you have been here a while you will know that Jamie often makes appearances in my monthly playlists.
It was in the concert hall of the Brighton dome. It was my first time going to the venue and I really have to say how nice it was.The staff were all really friendly and helpful. I just loved the atmosphere and the venue itself was so beautiful.We got there at about 6 for the doors to open at 7 there weren’t too many people there so I knew I was probably going to get a good place. I was lucky enough to actually get to the barrier so I couldn’t have been any closer to the stage.
At 8 Calum Scott came on and wow. He was amazing, he sang a couple of his songs and his new single before finishing with the amazing dancing on my own. He interacted with the crowd really well which I think is really nice with a support act. I was a bit gutted when his set was up, to be honest I could have listened to him all night.

There was then the half hour change over obviously I couldn’t move as I needed to keep my amazing spot so I guess that was a bit boring.
But the wait was worth it when Jamie came on stage he started with ‘the only conclusion’ which may I add is my favourite from his latest album. His genuine happiness and joy was so fantastic to see.

The setlist followed:

The Only Conclusion
Cold in Ohio
The Last Time
Don’t Say You Don’t If You Do
Time On My Hands
In Our Own Worlds
All Is Beauty
Other side of the Day
Someone for Everyone
Tell Me Again
Still Yours
Sometimes It’s Hard
Can’t See Straight
A Little Mercy
Don’t Let Me Let You Go
Letter Never Sent
Wasn’t Expecting That
Let Love Hold You Now
I’m Gonna Love You
Ahead of Myself

Jamie exceeded all my expectations and the videos really don’t do justice of how amazing it really was.He had that power as a performer to make a crowd silent with his voice during the quieter songs for example in our own worlds and all is beauty.

I also really loved the variation of the set he sang a couple of older songs from his 2010 release ‘The pull of the moon’, the whole of his self-titled album and even a couple of new songs that I can’t wait to hear on his next record.

His interaction with the audience was again amazing like Calum but the interaction with his band was also really special. He really involved them and they all looked like they were having so so much fun together.

His vocals were on point he actually has a really powerful live voice that I wasn’t really expecting from him .

It was a real experience that I will never forget It just felt so intimate and like I said before it was so nice to see his genuine happiness as you could tell he loves doing what he is doing as much as we all loved watching him.

After the show I tried to find the back door to meet him as I have seen a lot of people have been able to. Unfortunately, I go there too late and a security guard told me I had missed both Jamie and calum by minutes ;( I wrote a letter I wanted to give Jamie but I will definitely be seeing him again on his next tour so maybe then ?

I really hope you enjoyed reading about my Jamie Lawson concert experience I had such a great time and I cannot wait to see him again on his next tour. I would like to put a big thank you out to Jamie and his team for putting on such an amazing show.You guys rock!

Have an amazing week you guys and I will see you in my next post, byeeee.


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