The Mandela Effect… Real or just Confusion?

Hey guys,  It was actually a year ago to the day since I created this blog, I just want to say thank you to anyone who has read any one of my posts, to the people that read it every week and all the amazing companies that have been kind enough to work with me I didn’t think my blog would last a month let alone 12 so thank you to everyone.Now that’s out of the way lets get onto the post.

It’s that time of the year where all things spooky come about… Halloween. So I thought I would talk about something kind of scary that really interests me and that is ‘The Mandela effect’ There is a lot of blog posts and youtube videos about this so you probably know roughly what it is but if you don’t here is the Wikipedia definition: “A situation where a number of people have memories that are different from available evidence.” It is called the Mandela effect as one of the most famous examples is that a lot of people have strong memories of Nelson Mandela dying in the 1980’s rather that 2013 when he did.Strange right, will the theory is that this suggests the existence of parallel universes that are able to interact with each other.Which in turn makes small changes to things in our everyday life. I know this sounds like a load of rubbish but let me talk you through some more examples;

I am going to start with the one that I find the creepiest. What is the line from Forest Gump that everyone knows… say it with me “life is like a box of chocolates” No it’s not the line is “life WAS like a box of chocolates” I’m sorry why does everyone remember and quote it as ‘LIKE” if it has always been ‘WAS”. Watch the film now and the line clearly says ‘Was” This one shocked me so much just because everyone has heard and most people would have said this quote so for everyone to be getting it wrong for such a long time seems like more than a coincidence.

Another one from a well-known film. This again is one I’m sure you have probably said at one time or another, We all know the Evil queen in Disney’s snow white says the famous line “mirror, mirror on the wall. who’s the fairest of them all?” well she doesn’t say that at all. What she actually says is “magic mirror on the wall”. This to me is another good piece of evidence supporting this theory because it’s such a well-known phrase.

This is one that I can’t really relate to but when asked how many American states there are a lot of people answered 51 or 52. A lot of these people didn’t live in the US and it all just seems a little strange to me that so many people could get it wrong. To me, that’s not just a coincidence of  a lot of people not knowing something that’s something wrong and creepy.People also recall that Scotland and wales were once much smaller than they are today.

Another one that a lot of people claim to be true is that Martin Luther King was shot with a handgun at close range rather that what did happen which as a rifle from distance. A couple of others involving public figures and celebrity deaths are:Patrick Swayze Making a full recovery from cancer rather than passing away in 2009 and  Henry Winkler dying while filming ‘Happy days’ when he is still alive and working.

That queen song ‘we are the champions’ ends with the well-known line ’cause we are the champions…of the world!” or does it? While the full line is repeated in the choruses of the song the incomplete line  “cause we are the champions” finishes the song. I always remembered it so well making a dramatic ending with those last words so for them to not be there anymore baffles me.

When being told to describe the monopoly man a couple of things come to everybody’s head including bags of money, moustache, monocle,a suit and a top hat. I think you all know what’s coming next… this isn’t true and he is missing one of those 4 very distinctive things. The monocle, This one really confuses me as there are so many pictures of people in fancy dress as him and they are all wearing a monocle.

Believe this or not but you have to admit something is wrong here. So many people can’t all mistake the same thing it just doesn’t happen. I am just quickly  going to touch on my own really creepy possible mandela effect experience. Now I remeber extremely vividly Princess Dianas death, I remeber being in my parents bedroom and seeing it on the TV I remember it so vividly that I could draw you a picture of the images on screen which I have since seen similar online. This doesn’t sound weird until you find out she dies in 1997 and I wasn’t born until 2001.I always thought It was strange I had memories of it considering I wasnt alive but It wasnt until I heard about the Mandela effect that I could piece it together.

I only shared with you a few examples supporting the Mandela effect, you can find out so much online with a quick google search and I really recommend you do as it’s really really interesting.

I hope you all have an amazing Halloween, stay safe and I will see you all next week, byeee


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