Why I love and respect James Arthur so much.

Hey guys, I hope you have all had an amazing week and a great start to November. I’m starting to feel Christmassy already bearing in mind I have so much stuff before that including my The 1975 concert in December that I have to say I am extremely excited for. However it’s not The 1975 I a writing about today, I am going to write about an artist I have recently become obsessed with and that is the one and only James Arthur. I am aware this weekend is my usual monthly playlist spot but to be honest I have only listened to James. I am considering starting this as a series on here as I am forever finding new artists to obsess over. But let’s get on with the actual post…

I’m going to give you all a bit of back story of his and then I’m going to go onto why I think he is amazing.

So you all will probably know James Arthur from X factor 2012 when he won the show. I’m not a huge X factor fan and I don’t tend to show an interest but I have to say that when James was on it I did keep up to date with it, as I just really liked him and his voice. I was overjoyed when he won and released what I consider to be the best X factor winner single EVER ‘impossible’. He did something special with that song and really made it his own.

After the Xfactor win and when the success of ‘impossible’ died down I have to admit I had kind of forgotten about him. He did release a couple more singles including the follow up single ‘You’re nobody till somebody loves you’ which peaked at number 2 on  the UK singles chart. His streak then began to fade with his third single only peaking at number 19 which is low considering the success of the other two. I guess I lost interest as this was when I was really getting into Ed Sheeran. I can guarantee though if someone had brought or given me his album I would have fallen in love with it then and then James then involved in a lot of controversies after he was heard saying a homophobic comment in a rap battle. This sadly caused arguments between him and other celebrities including Xfactor contestant Lucy Spraggen who he was against on the show. He upset a lot of people in the gay community which led to iTunes offering refunds for his album to those offened. He did apologise for this and insisted that he was in no way homophobic but this didn’t seem to settle it with many. It was then released in the press that he had been dropped by syco which of course must have been horrible for him.He spent a couple of years off writing and trying to put his life back together before It was announced that he had signed with the well-respected Columbia records and that he was due to release a new album. ‘Say you won’t let go’ was released on the 9th of September this year and to my excitement on the 30th of September, he signed back to syco. And of course released the album ‘Back from the edge’  last week.

So as you can see he hasn’t had the easiest of career but what he has done is something only someone with true talent can do.

let me tell you about my sort of James Arthur story. So like I said before I really liked him on the Xfactor but then Ed Sheeran became my main priority at the time. I then came across James again on twitter and I tweeted him and to my surprise, he followed me back. I then listened to impossible again and I never had the time time to look more into him. So fast forward to a couple of months now I was just scrolling through my twitter feed as you do,and I saw a tweet about say you won’t let go. So I thought you know what I’m just going to give that a quick listen and next thing I know 2 hours had passed and it was still on loop.I don’t think I have ever fallen in love so strongly and so fast with a song before.I was obsessed After that two hours of the song being on repeat I just thought I would go onto Spotify and check out a couple of his old songs and I then spent the rest of the day listening to his debut album which to no surprise I became obsessed with. There was just something about the raw feeling of the album with the lyrics and when then I googled him and found out his story that I then just loved it even more. Words cannot describe how in love with his music I was on that day and since then I have been obsessed. Back from the edge is my far my favourite album of this year so far and I honestly don’t think anything will top it .Usually, I will have to sort of force myself to listen to an album a couple of times to get a feel for it but I haven’t had to do It with any of his music. I am just drawn to it, The only artist I have ever had this feeling with Is Ed Sheeran so I don’t think this is just a phase and I genuinely believe that I am going to be a fan of James for a long time.

Heres a list of the reasons why I really respect him as an artist.

  1. He is focused on what he wants: I saw a story being covered on many news outlets online this week about James coming out and saying that he was offered 250k to appear on Celebrity big brother after being dropped from syco. He refused to do It and he firmly believes that he wouldn’t have reached no1 again if he had. I have so much respect for him for this because even though he was very out of money he still wasn’t prepared to possibly lose his dignity and any hope of a  future career.
  2. He is humble and honest: every time James reaches an achievement he seems genuinely  surprised and I think there is just something about seeing that joy from an artist that is just so warming . He has also spoken  about how he has had problems with anxiety due to fame which shows he is open about his struggles and wants people to be aware of negative effects of being famous.
  3. He proudly stands up for what he believes in: A couple of weeks back he performed on the X factor results show and instead of spending his small amount of  talking time self-promoting he spent it informing people that the next day was world mental health day and that we should all show our support. I am a big supporter of charities that work for mental health issues so it was nice seeing someone in the public eye speaking about what they believe in rather than themselves.
  4. He didn’t just give up when things got hard: If you ask me James couldn’t have had a much harder time getting to where he is. But just the fact that after being dropped from a record label and being very poor he managed to carry on and write, make this amazing album.

I think he is just an amazing example of that if you work hard enough anything is possible.

My top 15 James Arthur songs:

15:  Get down

14: Emergency


12: Recovery

11:can I be him

10: Let me love the lonely


8: Trainwreck

7:Smoke clouds



4: Say you won’t let go

3:new tattoo


1:safe inside

I could go on all day about how much I love James Arthur to be honest but we just don’t have time so I’m going to cut this here. I 100% recommend you listen to back from the edge and any of his other music because You will love it. His ticket also went on sale today, I wasn’t lucky enough to get them but there is still some for sale in various locations around the UK for anyone that may be interested

I really enjoyed writing this post as I felt like I’m sharing with you an artist that I love and respect so much and there is nothing I love more than going on about artists. its just what I do. Anyway ,I will see you in my post next week. If you havent already checked out last weeks post I really reccomend that you do as it is a creepy one I even talk about my possible time travelling experice catch it here: https://lucymccourt.com/2016/10/29/the-mandela-effect-real-or-just-confusion/


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