Music themed Christmas​ gift guide.


Hello guys, So I know that you have probably read this title and thought isn’t it too early to be posting Christmas posts?.I guess my answer is no we only have 6 more blogs coming up before Christmas and in there I have to put my end of year countdowns,a concert experience, and a sponsored post so I don’t really have the time to fit in too many festive posts. If you have been here since I started my blog which is about a year ago now you  may have read my Christmas gift guides last year, since then I have really found that my niche is music so I feel it would be a bit out of place to have a  general gift guide. There is so awesome music themed gifts out there and here I am going to share with you some of my favourites. I am going to be including links to buy all the products for you to buy for that music lover in your life. Let’s get started…

Record wall clock: £20  BUY HERE

I am so in love with this. I have seen these all over the internet before but what’s special about this one from not on the highstreet is that you can personalise it. you can add whatever song or album title you like and even a message. If you are a vinyl lover like me you would love this. It looks really sleek and with a unique song and message it’s guaranteed to please.


Soundwave lyric poster: £19.99 Etsy  BUY HERE

This would make a great addition to any music lovers home. You can have this made for any song you wish so it really is personal which I really love.I highly recommend this .


GPO stylo turntable: £39.99 Argos  BUY HERE

If you follow me on instgram you are probably aware that I do have this. If you are looking to buy someone a starter turntable then I definitely recommend this one, It is one of the cheaper models on the market but essentially does everything you would want it to do. What made me choose this one over a more expensive one was the size. It is really small and doesn’t take up too much room on my desk. The only negative is the built-in speakers, they are rubbish but what do you expect its really cheap.This problem can be fixed by the use of external speakers I use external speakers and they work perfectly.


Sterling Silver Treble Clef Musical Note Ring: £24.95 BUY HERE

I’m in love. This may be the cutest ring I have ever seen. Not only is it so cute it is made of sterling silver meaning it will last for ages. It’s super affordable and I actually think I’m going to order myself one.


Ticket stub diary : £10.26 BUY HERE

This is perfect for any live music lover. Over years this would fill up and it is just such a good idea to me as the person can look back and remember the shows they have been too. Just imagine putting 5 or 10 years worth into one of these books and then looking back on it and all the memories coming back, I just think it’s really cute.15696_2_1200px.jpg


Fresh ‘n rebel Bluetooth speaker: £49.99 Amazon BUY HERE

Another product that I own, This speaker is perfect. What impresses me the most is the battery life, the box claims to have 10 hours play time after a full charge. I got it in July and I have only charged it 3 times full and I do use it a lot. It’s so compact and not to mention the amazing sound quality even at its loudest. It even comes in 8 different colours I have mine in white and I love it.
I 100% recommend this. 61vGdH+CmoL._SL1500_.jpg

Guitar teaspoons: £4.99 BUY HERE

This is a really cute little novelty gift. This would make a really good stocking filler or secret Santa gift as it’s really affordable while also being quirky. Unknown-2.jpeg

I hope this has given you some ideas for gifts, I am also thinking of doing a tech one as well as there are some really nice tech gifts out there.

I also just wanted to talk about for a second, I am looking for guest bloggers. I am going to up my posting schedule to 2 posts a week one being my normal post on a Sunday but the other being a guest post every Wednesday. I posted about this on my social media yesterday and I have had a couple of responses. If you are interested you can contact me on any of my social medias (all names below) or at my email

Anyway thanks for reading guys, I will see you all next week, byeeee.


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