My worst songs of 2016.

Hey guys. Christmas is fast approaching so that does mean we are getting near the end of the year. here I am going to share with you a list of my most hated songs of 2016. I am aware that a lot of people love these songs but this is my blog so it’s my opinions and I’m not going to apologise for them . I was inspired to do this countdown by one of my favourite music reviewers you may know him from youtube ARTV he is really cool you should definitely check him out.

For a song to qualify for my countdown lists it had to be released in 2016 or feature in the UK top 40 at some point in 2016, and woah there was a lot of bad music this year, let get started…

7 years (Lukas Graham)

I’m actually quite disappointed that this song has ended up on this list to be honest as I did genuinely like it when it was first released. After that, it because very overplayed which for me caused it to come across a bit cringy and cheesy.

Shut up (Stormzy)

I don’t really think this one requires any sort of explanation but you know when lyrics include “pussy what” and “oi rudeboy shut up” there’s a problem.

Focus( Ariana Grande)

The annoying chorus on this song will be the death of me. It’s just so pointless and ugly.

Fast car (Jonas Blue)

There is nothing I hate more than a lame attempt at giving an only song a refresh to make it relevant again. I was personally not a fan of this cover of Tracy Chapmans 1988 hit, which is why it is here on this list.

Secret love song (Little mix feat. Jason Derulo)

If you know me you will know that I cannot stand Jason Derulo. I have just never got him, so when little mix released this attempt at a soppy love ballad I was far from impressed. I sort of have this thing with Little mix where I love their song for about a day or two I guess before literally hating it so I guess this collaboration just wasn’t for me.

When the bassline drops (Craig David feat. Big narstie)

I hate hate hate this song beyond belief. I find Craig David’s voice cheesy as hell and to be honest, I am not a great lover of a Big narstie. I didn’t have high expectations for this song I knew I wouldn’t like it as there has never been a Craig David song I have enjoyed.

Me myself and I ( Bebe Rexha)

This song is seriously lacking some quality lyrics.I actually really love Bebe her vocals blew me away at this year’s EMA’s so for me I just feel that she is capable of much more as an artist. G- easy isn’t a huge love of mine I will take it or leave it but this is by far his poorest song of this year.

Lush life (Zara Larson)

I just hate the word lush. That’s all it is when I first saw the name of this song I just hated it. The word irritates me beyond belief so for it to be repeated over and over again is just my worst nightmare.

I took a pill in Ibiza (Mike Posner)

Please, may I add here the version of this song I hate is the one that you would have heard all over the radio this summer and that is the Seeb remix. If you have heard both this remix and the original you will know how poor the remix is. The remix sucks out every last drop of meaning and emotion leaving a dull and kind of average dance beat. Least to say I am not a fan.

Girls like (Tinie Tempah feat. Zara Larson)

I don’t feel too strongly towards this song which is why it’s here to be honest. I just don’t like it, but unlike most of the songs on here I can’t find a reason behind it but it’s just that one song that when it comes on the radio or in a playlist I just sigh and skip it .

Get ugly (Jason Derulo)

Like I mentioned earlier I really don’t like Jason Derulo. It’s just repetitive I mean did someone buy him a rhyming dictionary for Christmas last year because all of his music is just random rhyming words thrown together.

Work from home ( Fifth Harmony feat. Ty dollar sign)

It’s just another pointless pop song isn’t it really? it’s all just one big sex metaphor and I just really don’t like it. You will probably realise that the fifth harmony girls crop up more than once on this list and that’s just because I don’t buy it. Their whole sudden success and huge fanbase I just don’t like any of it.

Konnichiwa (Skepta)

This one for me again is pretty obvious. I don’t enjoy grime music, I just find it all rather aggressive and full of meaningless rants. I also don’t agree with skepta winning the mercury award as I feel that the 1975 were more deserving of it.

Tears (Clean Bandit feat. Louisa Johnson)

I am a bit shocked this one is here to be honest as I have enjoyed much of Clean bandits work in the past, however, this one just didn’t impress me. Obviously, this song is carried by vocalist and x factor winner Louisa johnson. I have to admit I really did like her on there and I even brought a few of her songs that she sang on there but I really think she is more of a live performer than a recording artist. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing I just prefer her more live.

I hate you, I love you ( G-eazy)

while the verses are okay the chorus just pounds into my brain with every listen. we get it you hate them you love them you hate that you love them you don’t want to but you can out nobody else above them. It’s a lot more stripped back than a lot of music that is played on mainstream radio however I do feel a better job could have been done with the lyrics.

Kill em with kindness (Selena Gomez)

It is clear to me the intentions with this song were all positive but I can’t however help but cringe with every listen. We get it Selena you wanted to make a power anthem about being the better person but I feel that it could have been carried out a lot smoother. It just reminds me of a speech that your teacher would have given you in primary school. I also don’t feel that the song fit well with the whole feel of her album, I heard a more adult/ grown up vibe from songs such as hands to myself and good for you. this sounds like something that should have featured about two albums ago.

Make me (Britany Spears feat.G-Eazy)

I don’t like Britney. Her autotuned baby voice just doesn’t impress me anymore. There was so much hype around this song that when I listened to it made me want more, to be honest, I sort of wondered what all the fuss was about.

That’s my girl (Fifth Harmony)

This is the second song on this list from girl band Fifth harmony. I’m not a huge lover of this song due to its mix of styles within the short song. It uses a weird, jarring horn noise mixed in with some annoying electropop beats its just not my cup of tea.

Perfect illusion (Lady Gaga)

The first time I heard this was when it was played on radio 1 for the first time. I thought it was a live lounge performance. It sort of has that poorly put together thing that I don’t really like. It’s lacking a bit lyrically but not enough for me to hate it on that factor but I’m not really sure I just never liked it.

My way (Calvin Harris)

Calvin, you really need to keep the features coming because your voice is dry. It for me personally lacks the emotion I need and want from a song. it also comes across a bit jarring with the repetitive use of the line ‘ you were the one thing in my way’.

Here’s my number one my most hated song of 2016… Meghan trainor NO. I have a strong dislike towards a music she has ever put out and I just feel this one was by far the poorest of them all. I just find the lyrics to be really arrogant and rude plus the boring repetitive use of the word no. I just feel it was a really lazy attempt.

So there we are they were my most hated songs of 2016. Trust me there were a lot more that didn’t make the final cut but you would be here all day reading it if I did. I know I may have come across as harsh in this list but like I said that the beginning I am very opinionated and there is a large chance that you don’t like the music I listen to either so let’s agree to disagree.

So next week my favourite songs of 2016 will be coming up and trust me there was some good music this year to overshadow some of this stuff in my eyes so I really can’t wait to share them all with you.

I hope you have an amazing weekend and I will see you all next week bye…


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