Best songs of 2016

Hey guys, I’m so excited to be sharing this post with you all today, as you can tell by the title this will be my second post into my end of year series my best songs of this year. I wrote about my least favorite songs in my first post you can catch that here ; Worst songs of 2016

Anyway, I have to admit that this year hasn’t been the best for music,I have struggled to get into a lot of the chart music this year, therefore, turning me more to indie and alt music. This list is in no particular order as it would just be so hard to choose a favorite. Every song that features on this list was either released in 2016 or was in in U.K. Top 40 singles chart at any point in 2016. Anyway, let’s get on with the playlist…

Before I get into the main list here are a couple of honorable mentions;

Heathens (Twenty-one pilots)

7 (Catfish and the bottlemen)

Sandcastles (Beyonce)

Kevin (Macklemore)

September song (JP cooper)


Don’t hurt yourself ( Beyoncé featuring Jack White)

This is the song from lemonade I picked up on first. Bey’s vocals were really strong on this song which worked well with Jacks also very powerful voice. This song had a very aggressive and sassy feel to it and is definitely one I found myself wailing along to on many occasions.

Boys that sing (viola beach)

Although this song represents great sadness it also does really show what these boys were capable of. Each member’s musical talents are reflected in this song the guitar riffs and the light drum beats to open with. It’s such a shame that they didn’t live to see the success of this song and that we won’t have more music from them, but I feel lucky that we’re were left with the amazing music we were. RIP viola beach.

All that (Jake Bugg)

This little acoustic number is definitely one of my faves this year. Jake Bugg is putting a modern twist on some old styles and I love it.’All that’is the second to last song on the album ‘On my one’, is a great finisher to the album calming down from more uptempo songs like ‘Gimmie the love’ and ‘bitter salt’ tieing it to a perfect end.

Gameshow (Two door cinema club)

I prefer the live version of this song on the album personally but either way, I love it so much. I didn’t get into the band until a short while ago but I really wish that I had sooner. Lead singer Alex Trimble has such as a unique voice that I really fell in love with watching sets at this year’s festivals. He has such a vocal range which makes their music so mesmerizing and Gameshow is just a perfect example of this. If you haven’t checked them out they have a huge discography I really recommend you do.

She’s casual (The hunna)

This song opens with the soft vocals of lead singer Ryan before some very heavy drums kick in. I love everything this band does but this song is the one that really stands out to me purely because of the contrast within it.

Say you won’t let go (James Arthur)

This I have to say I think that this is my favorite song of this year. After my first time listening to I just sat and listened to this song on repeat for a good two hours. I’m just obsessed with it, his vocals just sound so effortless, the lyrics are so cute. Ahh I just love it so much

Loving someone (The 1975)

Not only is this song perfectly written and produced everything it stands for and represents is amazing. The band has very strong views towards Gay rights and just generally everyone loving everyone which is clearly reflected in the line ‘were all human, were just like you man’. The song is a reflection of the diversity and wanting everyone to get along.The monolog in this song is my favorite part of the whole album ‘I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ and I can’t wait to hear it live at the o2 this Friday.

Human (Rag n’ bone man)

Fun fact Rag n bone man actually lives quite close to me I didn’t actually find out until I was researching for this post. Anyway, this song is so powerful, His voice sounds so effortless in this song and live it’s even more amazing. I’m really glad that he is in the chart and is getting the recognition he deserves.

Worry (Jack Garratt)

 It was hard for me to choice a Jack Garratt song for this countdown as I love them all so much but this song is a pretty special one. If you don’t know what Jack does he plays all the instruments and vocals for his songs as well as writing them. There is something really facinating about him and his music and I feel ‘Worry’ is a good representation of what he does.

I could have gone on for a long time with this post but I feel I covered most of my favorites. I really hoped you enjoyed this and that you will read my upcoming end of year posts as I am really enjoying writing them. Follow all my social medias for updates of all sorts links will be below. See ou in my next post byeee …


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