The 1975 o2 arena.

Hey guys, if you follow me on social media you would probably already know that I was lucky enough to attend one of the 1975’s sold out shows in London this week. I had an amazing time so I thought I would share with you my thoughts and also my pictures.

So I went to the Friday show, the doors opened at 6:30 pm before the support acts set at 8 pm.

The support act was ‘The Japanese house’ and I have to say I was extremely pleasantly surprised. I had heard some of their stuff before but it just hadn’t really stuck with me. They played a half an hour set playing I think 5 or 6 songs. They mixed it up with a couple of older songs and a couple of newer ones finishing with the song everyone appeared to be most familiar with ‘face like thunder’. I feel I will defiantly be revisiting their music and giving it another go.

At 9 pm the main show started and The 1975 made their entrance. They started with the album opener ‘the 1975’ before quickly transitioning to the vibrant and upbeat ‘Love me’. This was my first 1975 gig and I was blown away by the visuals, I had seen pictures online so I did sort of know what was going to go on but I quickly realised none of the pictures or videos does it justice.

They then went back a couple of years and played one of my all time favourites ‘heart out’ this was really special as it’s the first song of theirs I really feel in love with.

‘A change of heart’ was up next and is when I just felt Matt’s personality and dedication really came across. He made a real effort to make sure everyone felt welcomed by getting up close to the cameras for the big screen. I was a bit worried he would forget how big the venue is and just interact with the people who were closer but he didn’t he did I really good job of making everyone feel welcome.

‘Robbers’ was definitely a standout moment of the whole night. It is the song I have listened to so many times and to hear it live for me was just such a magical experience. Everyone singing ‘now everybody’s dead’ just made my whole year.

‘I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it ‘was a really special moment as well. I have never been a fan of the instrumental songs but I fell in love will they well and truly last night. It broke up the show and grounded it. It gave me a time to appreciate the whole experience.

Money is a song I have never really connected with, but I still love it. It was a nice pick up from ‘I like it when you sleep ‘

They then threw it back a bit with 2 older ep songs ‘undo’ and ‘milk’. It was genuinely really nice to see everyone get so excited over older songs. I actually think people got more excited over these songs over some of the newer ones. Which just shows how loved they are and how dedicated the fans are.

Then to my 2nd favourite moment which was ‘Loving someone’. Matt gave a really nice speech about how we should love everyone regardless of race, religion, class, gender, sexuality. The stage then was lit up by the rainbow flag which I think was a lovely touch. This all helped go make it a big moment but what really topped it for me was the passion that not just matty but all the band members had when performing it.

‘She’s American’ was up next, I’m not a great lover of this song. I did still did really enjoy it.

We then had ‘Please be naked’ and ‘Lost my head’ the passion in these songs is unreal and you really can see how passionate the band is about music. I loved them both so much.


They followed this up with ‘Somebody else’ this I feel really showed how amazing Matty’s voice really is. I feel this was the best vocal performance of the evening.

Here is is my number one moment.’Falling for you’ There are many things that made this the best part of the evening. Firstly Matty gave a speech about how he understands why people have their phones out but recommended that people put their phones away for this song and enjoy it for what it was and not through a video. I did turn my phone off and I enjoyed it so much. This is my favourite of any of the EP songs so the song was already special for me. The crowd singing the lyrics back to such a soulful song made for such an unforgettable moment.

Then we had my favourite song from I like it when you sleep ‘Paris’. The song so feel good and the pink lights just made it such a joyful experience.

‘Girls’ I have waited so long to hear this song and it was worth the wait. The opening guitars were just so powerful, you could tell Matty was having such fun singing it and to hear the crowds screaming out the lyrics was amazing.

The loudest/ maddest song had to be ‘Sex’. This song was something else, never have I ever heard anything as loud as this song. It was like the arena was shaking with the bass. Everyone was just going mad.

They then had the encore before returning to the stage with ‘Medicine’. The love was real in this song. The whole arena was lit up with people’s phones light, it was the best visual song as the backing to the stage was lit as a warm toned city.


‘If I believe you’ was up next. This song was amazing due to the gospel vibe. Matty was joined by backing singers to create the powerful yet calm tone. The saxophone solo was another stand out moment for me it was like everyone was silent for a minute and was just listening and appreciating the music.

For the second to last song of the night we had ‘Chocolate’. This was a great moment as everyone there knew it whether they were just there with someone unwillingly or a hardcore fan everyone could sing along to it.

To pull the night to a close they ended with the unbelievably catchy and upbeat ‘The sound’. This was mental, I have never seen so many people jumping before and just screaming out the lyrics. It was a brilliant close to the night.

The show was everything I wanted plus a little bit more. I was a bit gutted some of my favourite songs weren’t played for example ‘menswear’, ‘so far it’s alright’ and ‘ballad of me and my brain’ but they couldn’t sing everything otherwise we would have been there all night (not that I would complain).

Overall I had such an amazing time, they are by far the best live act I have ever seen. The interaction was on point, the visuals were on point and the music itself couldn’t be faulted. I cannot wait to go and see them again. If you get the chance to go and see them I really urge you to even if you aren’t a huge fan of them I can guarantee you will be afterwards.

I had a fantastic time and I really hoped you enjoyed reading about it. I will be posting a couple of posts this week to conclude my end of year series before Christmas. I am also currently writing a last minute gift guide which I’m not sure if I will have time to post or not.

I hope you have an amazing week, see you in my next post byeeee.

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