Why I hate grime.

Hi, this is a different type of post to what I usually write as I don’t normally write about music I don’t like as I feel its not really needed. However, this is a hate post I guess you would call it as I cannot keep my opinion under wraps any longer. I do appreciate some people like and enjoy this genre and If you do then maybe don’t read this post but it is only my opinion. A little note that anyone who comments or sends me hate will just get blocked as I’m purely posting to share my opinion on my own blog.

I am educated in this genre, its origin and all other facts and aspects before anyone calls me uneducated. I have also given the genre a go, I am actually listening to a grime playlist that I found on Spotify and I am hating every single second of it but I guess it just has to be done. so just a bit of background filling for anyone that doesn’t know much about the genre it originated in East London in the early 2000’s. Some of the well know grime artists include Dizzee Rascal and Wiley.Since then the Genre has grown and a large grime scene as developed with more and more people hopping on the angry talking craze.It’s even winning mainstream awards, just this year Skepta won the mercury prize which I feel was 100% wrong when amazing artists David Bowie and The 1975 were up. David’s album was really powerful and the 1975’s was so diverse yet I struggle to find a uniqueness in his music.

That’s what is angry talking of improper English and rhyming words. I don’t understand the appeal of this genre. They lyrics are some of the worst things I have ever heard I’m actually going to give you a couple of my I favourite worst lines/ verses  ever;

Yeah, so shut your fucking stupid mouths
Chatting bare fucking shit
Shut the fuck up, shut your fucking mouth
Oi rudeboy, shut up – stormzy – shut up 

Man’s comfy, man’s comfy
Man’s comfy, all of the girldem love me
Man’s comfy, man’s comfy
Man’s comfy, all of the dogdem trust me- comfy – Yungen

Yeah, I just shut down.
That’s not me and it’s shutdown
Ring ring pussy, it’s shutdown
Fashion week and it’s shutdown
Went to the show sitting in the front row
In the black tracksuit and it’s shutdown
Touch the road and it’s shutdown
Boy better know when it’s shutdown – Skepta – Shutdown

Don’t come here with your lies, don’t start
Deny our ting, you calm
Deny our ting, I’ll bark- Stomzy – One take freestyle 

And I make more bread, I employ more staff
Man’s got a manager, man’s got a stylist
Man’s got bare sauce but you can’t buy this
Man’s got a lawyer, man’s got an agent – AJ Tracey – Capri-sun

Do I even need to go on?

I like to listen to real music made with real instruments you know. I was having a quick look over Grime music Wikipedia page and there was a list of commonly used instruments and here they, just have a quick look;

  • Emceeing
  • toasting
  • rapping
  • music sequencer
  • digital audio workstation
  • turntables.

they are not real instruments, I hate to compare the awful mess of a genre to one that is so amazing but let’s have look at the common instruments used in the genre of indie rock.

  • Guitar
  • bass
  • drums
  • drum machines
  • keyboard
  • vocals

See the difference, why can people not just appreciate real music. I genuinely feel sorry for anyone that enjoys this genre as there is really good music out there that you would probably like if you gave it a chance. Not even just indie because even some of the mainstream pop stuff isn’t that awful anymore and of course there are so many amazing genres and artists out there.

Now I’m just going to go into what triggered this song which is Lady Leshurr’s queen speech series EP thing. I have never had so much hate towards a single project. If you don’t know what they are its basically a 6 part song that has some of the weakest lyrics I have ever heard. Here are just some of the worst parts, it was hard to take samples out as it all is just as bad,

Mans said I’m sweet kinda like mango
Them wanna gimmie the D no Django
Wanna touch the strings on my banjo
Don’t act like a chicken from Nandos – Queens speech 1

Your weave smells like cornbread- Queens speech 2 

Bare girls change their friends everyday but forget to change their panties
That’s nasty, change your panties
That’s nasty, just change your panties- Queen speech 3

Brush your teeth, brush your teeth,
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth,
Brush your teeth,
Brush your teeth,
Brush your teeth,
Brush your teeth- Queen speech 4 

Queen Speech 5 you know
Sorry for the wait
I dropped my phone in the toilet Bom bom bom bom
Bombom bombada bom
Bom bom bom bom
Bombom bomdaba bom- Queen speech 5

Who are you disrespekking
Who are you disrespekking
Put some respek on my name
Then get your neck in- Queen speech 6

It just feels like someone has sat down with a rhyming dictionary looked online to see what is relevant and then found something that rhymed it. The lyrics aren’t even metaphors they are just random and irrelevant lyrics repeated over and over again. You know when the hook in your song is ‘brush your teeth’ over and over again there is a problem especially when the backing track is the same for every song it wouldn’t hurt for the lyrics to have some thought but into them.

It’s just such a poor genre and I really hope the craze dies down soon because it is so awful. I can usually cope with a song lacking lyrically if it sounds generally good or vice vera but I just find It hard to find anything positive in this genre. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little rant post but I just felt It had to be said, I hope you all have a magical Christmas, see you in my next post… byeeee.


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7 thoughts on “Why I hate grime.

  1. Anyone that is calling this a piece of shit, clearly doesn’t understand blogging because blogging is about expressing your own opinion not trying to please people or upset them. So if this triggers you keep it to yourself and just don’t read this blog. Simple because all your doing is giving her more views. Congratulations

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  2. I genuinely googled ‘I hate grime’ to make sure I wasn’t the only 21 year old who felt this way when all my friends yell ‘FEED EM TO THE LIONS’ in the club and I wish I was anywhere else. Stumbled across your post and this speaks to me so much! Preach, girl


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