Best albums of 2016.

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas I know I did . 2016 was an okay year for music. Not much surprised me, It was the year for acts like Adele and Justin Beiber and that just doesn’t amaze me too much. However, in between a lot of the rubbish, there were some albums that really captured me and I’m going to speak about them now.

Blossoms- Blossoms.

I became aware of blossoms when MTV announced them one of their PUSH acts. MTV then started to play a couple of their songs on their rock channel which is how I started to hear them. I am such a huge lover of this album it’s full of guitar pop with then some calmer more mellow moments like ‘onto her bed’ and ‘my favourite room’. My friend and I are going to see them in march and I’m so excited.

James Arthur- Back from the edge.

The long awaited album from x-factor winner James Arthur had to appear on this list. It’s a very low-key album with a lot of songs being quiet ballad types like ‘can I be him’ and ‘remember who I was’. the album reflects a lot of James’s personal struggles and emotions. It feels like a very personal album to listen to and that Is why I love it so much. It is a step down from his more pop-fueled debut and really represents what he is capable of lyrically and vocally.

The Hunna- 100

I wrote about this album in my August playlist so I don’t really want to repeat myself here but I love this album with all my heart. I’m actually listening to it now while writing it.I like it because the presence of real instruments is so strong. Every member’s hard work can be heard on this album. It’s got a really cheerful vibe and it’s something I feel we need to hear more on mainstream radio.


Wow. When this album dropped I didn’t really think much about it as I hadn’t really cared much for Beyonce. Little did I know I would become obsessed.This is Beyonce’s second visual album and I think that’s what really captured me. The album covers a lot of themes and we hear and see Beyonce transition between and move through many emotions and experiences. She sings about her relationship, race, gender equality and a lot more and it’s just a good collection of songs that somehow work.The videos from the visual aspect of the album are just stunning and work really well to portray the songs’ messages.

On my one-Jake Bugg.

This was an album I had on pre-order and was very happy to have. It’s the first of his albums to be mostly written and produced by Jake himself and I think he did a rather good job. If I did have to criticise it I would say that it wasn’t long enough. I can’t wait to see what he does in 2017.

The Weeknd- Starboy.

Starboy is 18 songs of pure delight.The themes are what you would expect from the weeknd drugs, sex and himself. The collaborations on this album are really good, Obviously, he got Daft Punk to work on two of the songs both that have been released as singles.He also managed to get Lana Del Rey come back for the mysterious ‘Stargirl interlude’ a song I feel calms the album down and breaks it up well.I love this album don’t get my wrong but I have to admit I don’t love it as much as I love his debut ‘Beauty behind the madness’.

Viola beach- Viola beach.

Of course, this album isn’t going to be polished or perfect due to the fact it was put together by their family with what the band left behind after their death in February. It is a 9 song album that really shows the boys potential which makes their death that bit more heartbreaking. It’s a shame this is all the music of theirs we will get but It is an amazing album full of great music.

The 1975- I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.

This is an obvious favourite for me.Apart from Ed Sheeran’s + I don’t think I have ever been so in love with an album. It’s genius.The album opens on the upbeat hits ‘Love me’ and ‘Ugh’. I don’t know why but when listening to this album I listen to it as if they songs are in pairs they just all seem to match the one next to it. I don’t know if that was done deliberately. Matty Healy is extremely personal when writing, this is displayed in the closing songs of the album ‘Nana’ and ‘she lays down’. which are about his nan’s death and his mum’s struggle with depression.The album merges many different styles and genres with a gospel vibe on if ‘i believe you’ and again like the band do a couple of instrumentals that break the album up well. Reflecting Matty’s personal songwriting he sings about his mental health in ‘The ballad of me and my brain’, equality in ‘loving someone’ and even his views on religion in ‘If I believe you’. It’s a truly magical album that I don’t think I will stop listening to anytime soon.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about my favourite albums of this year. If you haven’t already check them all out (which you probably have)  then I really think you should as they are really special. I will resume normal Sunday posting in the new year I just wanted to get this one up before then.

Happy new year guys


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