December -January Haul// Ed Sheeran track review.

Hello, I hope everyone has had a good start to 2017.Today I am covering two posts I wanted to do which includes track reviews of Ed Sheeran’s 2 new songs and a music haul.I am going to do the Ed Sheeran reviews first…

If you follow me on my various social media accounts you will probably be aware of my excitement and reaction to Ed Sheeran’s new songs.I try really hard to really dim down my obsession with Ed Sheeran on my blog as I don’t feel my constant fangirling would be very professional. However, I have been a huge fan of Ed for 6 years now If you read one of my first blog posts you would be aware of my film premiere post where I did where in fact meet him. Ed left social media and went on a well deserved year-long break and he has finally returned and has given us 2 singles from the long awaited 3rd studio album divide. So being the crazy obsessive fangirl I am I woke up at 4:55 am on Friday morning to be first to hear them at 5 am. We didn’t know what we were getting from Ed whether it was going to be a full album or a single. We got two singles ‘castle on the hill’ and ‘shape of you’

The songs were polar opposites and I feel they were really good choices as they contract while also complementing each other.

Castle on the hill:

Ed Sheeran described this song as a sort of love song to Suffolk which I think is really cute. The lyrics are about him growing up and focuses on various different stages in his life, he also sings about how he just wants to go home to see all the people who were part of him growing up. The song has a really chilled and lighthearted vibe throughout before it gets to what I could call a sadder part of the song and is about the realization of growing up where he sings about the situation his friends are in now with one’s brother overdosing and one barely getting by for example. Ed’s voice has really raspy moments at points that I really love as It is really raw. One part I am not too keen on is there are a couple of high notes at the end that am not really a fan of but its fine because the rest of the song is perfect.  I give this a solid 4.5/5

Shape of you;

This is the most radio friendly one of the two I guess you could say as It is more pop. The song is basically about him loving the body of a woman and his attraction to her. I don’t care for this song as much as castle on the hill as I feel there isn’t much to it or behind it. But I totally respect that there has to be more mainstream radio friendly song. I still love this song but In comparison to castle on the hill, I don’t like it as much.I would sill probably rate it as a 4/5 as the production on this track and Eds voice are on point.

In conclusion, I am in love with these songs and I can’t wait for ed to release the album.

Now on to the second part of today’s post, my music haul/playlist thing. I didn’t have time to do playlists for the last couple of months but over Christmas, I got a lot of new music so I thought I would share it with you. I got some vinyl, CDs and downloads so I am going to go through them with you starting with the downloads.


Blossoms / Blossoms (album)

I hadn’t actually bought this album before I always streamed it but I had the money so I thought I would buy it on iTunes as it was reduced to an amazing £3.99. I wrote about this album in my best albums of the year 2016, I love these guys and I can’t wait to see them in march.

oh My My / One republic (album)

I brought this on iTunes for £4.99 and it was worth it. I have always quite liked one republic but this is the first album of theirs I had first fallen well and truly I love with.

When Christmas comes around/ Matt Terry (single)

this was the x-factors winner single. Ed Sheeran wrote it and you can really tell as Its got that special Ed Sheeran vibe to it. All the money went to charity so I thought I would buy it. I’m not a huge fan of it but its nice.


Starboy / The weekend (album)

I was a bit annoyed actually that this hadn’t been released on vinyl like his last album as I would rather buy It on vinyl than Cd but Cd was all I could get so that’s what I will have to deal with. The album is really good and the CD looks pretty cool.

(Now onto the fun bit) Vinyl;

Who’ the fuck are arctic monkeys? / Arctic Monkeys (10″ EP)

I was super excited when I found his as it is the first 10 inch in my collection.It has 5 songs, 3 on side A and 2 on side B. I personally don’t think it’s their best work but never the less its a great addition to my collection.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

American Idiot /Green day (12′ LP)

I had waited so long to get my hands on this. I actually received It as a Christmas present from my parents. I actually made sure I hadn’t listened to this album fully before I got the vinyl. Obviously, I knew a lot of the songs already as it is an older album. I waited until I had the vinyl to listen to it as a whole.I wasn’t disappointed I feel it’s one of them game changer albums that you will either love or hate and I absolutely love it. It is a double Lp and I really love the gatefold of this vinyl with all the lyrics It’s just a really nice looking and feeling vinyl.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetimg_0648

Top 5 collaborations / ed Sheeran (12′ EP)

My second favorite out of Ed Sheeran’s 5 eps. I have them all on Cd so I am trying to collect them all on vinyl as well. I have 3 out of the 5 as that’s all I have been able to get hold of from my local HMV. It’s a pretty standard vinyl 4 songs on each side it has the Phillip Butah artwork on the front and the track listing on the back. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Shanagri LA/Jake Bugg (12′ LP)

I’m so happy I was finally able to get this, every time I have gone into HMVIhavent been able to find it but luckily I was able to pick it up in oxford street yesterday. What I love about this aVinyl is that it comes with a download code. Thre is nothing I hate more than buying a vinyl then having to buy It again on iTunes because I want to be able to listen to It out of the house so I t is a really help when it does. This albums sleeve slides out and has the lyrics printed on one side with a picture of him on the other which I think looks really good.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Live at Glastonbury 2016/ Coldplay (12′ live EP)

This is something really different, so yesterday I was at Camden market having a look through loads of vinyl and I came across this special vinyl. I thought it was a bit odd due to the fact that Glastonbury wasn’t that long ago and this was a second-hand stall. However, at the price of £10 I thought I would pick it up as I loved their set. I then googled it and found out it was actually an unofficial pressing and pretty rare. The packaging of it isn’t up to the level of a record you would buy at HMV but the vinyl sounds amazing. I love live music so for me to be able to have live vinyl it is a blessing. What drew me to this record most was the fact that their live cover of viola beach’s song ‘boys that sing’ was on there and of course I love viola beach. I’m so happy I got to get this vinyl as its a cool addition to the collection.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Back to black/ Any Winehouse (12′ LP)

I saw this and had to pick it up. I love Amy and this album is packed with hit after hit. Again like the Jake Bugg the sleeve slide out and has the lyrics printed on one side and then a collage of pictures on the other. This one, however, didnt come with a download code that I was actually surprised about. Never the less its a really good album.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


I hope you enjoyed reading this mash-up of a post, I love writing and taking pictures of vinyl. I will hopefully have a sponsored post some point this week that I can’t wait to share with you. Have a good week and I will see you in my next post….


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