Today I’m going to talk to you about the time I spent away from radio specifically mainstream stations one example being Capital. This is only my opinion based on my own experience, feel free to comment or message me to discuss yours.

So you are all probably aware I am a massive Ed Sheeran fan, well on the 13th of December 2015 Ed went on a well deserved break, Ed returned on the 6th of January with two amazing singles, you can catch my review of them tracks here (December -January Haul// Ed Sheeran track review.) Anyway between those points I can confidently say I didn’t listen to any radio. I began to realise in mid-2015 that I wasn’t really enjoying the music played on the radio as it didn’t have much depth and I just began to feel generally underwhelmed. When Ed left and his music began not to get played as much I branched off and began to use social media and Spotify to find some new music.

I found myself listening to more bands some older like Pink Floyd and Foo fighters alongside newer bands like Slaves and Cabbage. It felt like I was discovering a whole new world as I was so used to listening to the same 5 pop songs on loop.

Throughout this year I kept my eye on the chart purely because I like to know what people are listening to and I have to admit that I in a way felt sorry for the people listening and buying this music. I was having such an amazing time listening all my new found music and they were listening to what the mainstream fed them.

I am not saying that I am totally against a lot of mainstream music as a lot of it is fun to listen to.However a lot of it sounds the same, is usually poorly produced and lacks lyrically. Just to name a few songs that have caught my attention are ‘One dance’ by Drake and ‘Side to side’ by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. These tracks have nothing to them, that’s not me hating on the artist because if you listen to their albums in full you can easily distinguish the songs that were made to be played on the radio and the ones that have been made with care and attention.

This is where the problem I have with radio stations come, in particular, Capital FM. They seem to just pump out pop song after pop song (usually what sits at the top 5 positions in the UK singles chart). This is part of the reason the same songs stay in the chart now for so long now because it’s all people are hearing.

I know what you are going to say which is that I have posted about mainstream singles on this blog in the past, and that’s because I do like some of it as like I said some of it is catchy as hell. I just don’t agree with the way It’s promoted and how it’s seen as being the best music out there when it really isn’t.

Another bone I have to pick with radio stations (again mostly aimed at capital) is if they don’t think the song is interesting or as upbeat as they like it to be they will either cut the song or play a remix, I think that is proof that they are trying so hard to be relevant.

It’s not just Capital though It’s radio in general, each station feeds you what they want you to hear the listener is totally out of control. You have no sort of choice to explore the music like you can buying vinyl or surfing through iTunes.

With this time I spent away from radio I began to feel freer when it came to music and I was able to be in control what I was listening to and when depending on my mood or even the weather. If I came across a chart single I liked then I would listen to it but the point is I wasn’t being forced to listen to what radio stations wanted me to.

I genuinely think everyone should spend some time away from radio and listen to the music you want because I’m 100% sure you will find some really good music you wouldn’t have found otherwise. It’s just all about cracking the habit.

I really hope you will take something from this post and maybe re-evaluate how you listen to music because trust me I was doing it wrong for way too long.



5 thoughts on “Why I didn’t listen to radio for over a year.

  1. Wow such a great post! I agree on so many levels.
    It’s not that I’m trying to be “alternative” or special in some way, I just wanna listen to music I like, not what the world tells me to like.
    But actually I’ve never been the “topchart” listener so I’ve never really actively listened on the radio or toplist… But I’ve obviously heard the songs (because I’m not living under a rock) and almost everything sounds the same, boring. Obviously I like some of the songs, but that’s because I like the SONG and the SINGER genuinely and not because it’s #1 on the charts.
    Besides that almost none of my favorite artists, bands or songs are on the toplist, like have you ever seen deadmau5, pentatonix or blink-182 on the toplist?

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