Websites robbing fans of the chance to see their idol…

Hi guys, so today’s post is not going to be a happy or positive one. I do apologise for that as I do like to keep my blog as an enjoyable place, however this is an issue I cannot ignore. I have wanted to speak about this for a while and I am getting round to it now as I have been directly affected by it.

I’m sure that anyone and everyone who has ever brought gig tickets is aware of websites like ‘Stubhub’ , ‘Seatwave’ , ‘Viagogo’ and ‘Get me in’. All these sites are second hand resale sites. Not only do these sites sell second hand gig tickets they also sell sports and theatre tickets as well.

I am going to use Stubhub here as my prime example because I think its the worst. I am just going to use Ed Sheerans tour tickets at the O2 as an example but this applies for most big events across these websites.

I’m going to break it down for you… Ed Sheeran released tickets for three nights at the O2 in London on the 2nd of February. The tickets were sold for three prices depending on the type. There were standing, lower tier and upper tier. If you are not familiar with the layout of the O2 I am going to insert an image of the seating layout;

Image result for o2 seating layout

Here are the face values for the different ticket types:

lower tier (blocks 112-101) – £85

upper tier (blocks 422- 401) £75

Floor standing £75




Now this is where these companies come in. Ed’s three nights at the O2 sold out in about 15 minutes, within 20 minutes of them going on sale they appeared on these sites for up to 7x face value.

here are some screenshots of how much these tickets are going for on Stubhub…


As you can see these prices are absolutely ridiculous. But here is where it gets worse… even if you are prepared to pay these extortionate prices you are then hit with what they like to call processing fees. How much do you think is acceptable for these websites to add on as fees? £10? maybe £20 as a push… no up to £200 added on to the already  excessively high prices. Here is an example, this would be for two lower tier tickets in block 122

Screenshot 2017-02-12 at 09.56.56.png


£1,135.25 for two tickets that originally would have cost £150. This is not okay this is robbing fans of the chance to see their idol live. As such a passionate music lover there is nothing more amazing than going to a live show and just the idea that people are trying to make this much money from desperate and vulnerable fans makes me really angry.

There was a post circulating around Facebook about these sites, there were a lot of people in then comments expressing their feelings. I reached out to some of them and this is what they had to say.

My 2 sons recently tried to get myself and my daughter tickets for Ed Sheeran in Manchester. They were left disappointed and angry after a few minutes of the tickets going on sale for them ALL TO BE SOLD OUT ON ALL SITES. My sons wanted to surprise myself and my daughter with tickets for our birthday in April. My son then saw tickets for the gig going on sale minutes later for £300+!!!. I think there should be a limit on how many tickets people can buy as some buy more than they need to sell on at a ridiculous price. This shouldn’t be allowed. The tickets are dear enough without selfish greedy people who are trying to cash in on other people’s misfortune.

– Nessa

Hi, Lucy…I was queuing in the online waiting rooms to buy tickets as an early present for my daughter’s 18th birthday. We had both seen Ed Sheeran a couple of years ago at Capital FM’s summertime ball and he absolutely rocked. I had signed up for the Web sites and unfortunately didn’t manage to buy any. I was in the queue at half past 9 on one site. Once all the tickets sold out….I watched sites put tickets on and wasn’t sure if they were genuine. I joined a site which is advertised on Ed’s Facebook page and thought “awesome….I will pick some tickets up soon’ then I received an email saying the site has taken off the alerts and to keep checking!!! This has been an absolute frustrating time and I think Ed Sheeran’s team should have looked after him and his fans a lot better by putting stronger strategies in place to stop the sharks from buying the tickets up to name their price!


I’m not a massive Ed fan but was truly gutted for the fans going to get tickets today!! It’s so wrong on every level!! I’m a massive take that fan and have been fortunate to get tickets….I think mainly cause they release more dates for the fans to push the value back down! I personally think it’s an inside job with the likes of Ticketmaster – and needs regulating like holidays and banking…it’s a free for all at the fans expense! Gutted you didn’t get your tickets! I would rock up on the night and touts will be desperate to get rid!! Xxx

– Jude

I think it’s ridiculous that we are in 2017 and nothing has been put in place to stop the re-selling of tickets for gigs like Ed Sheeran being sold at ridiculous prices! The prices people charge, people, pay less in monthly rent or mortgage payments! I am a disappointed fan who had 5 other friends on two-three devices trying to get tickets and not one of us did but within minutes people was already reselling them! The sooner something is put in place or Ed releases more dates to give fans another chance the better


I don’t see how these sites are still legal as they are robbing people not only of their money but an experience. I’m writing this post purely to make people aware that this is not okay. I really hope that you will now think about where you buy your tickets from.

There is actually a really good site that I want to tell you about, It is called Twickets. Twickets is special because it is a second-hand site that doesn’t allow people to sell above face value. Here is the link to Twickets : they also have an app which is available from the google play and apple app store.

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