Divide pre-release thoughts.

Hi guys, just before I begin I want to say thank you for the nice comments I received on last week’s post. I had a lot of messages from people, it was really nice knowing that people agree with me, If you haven’t read it you can read it here;Websites robbing fans of the chance to see their idol…

Anyway onto today’s post, I am super excited to be writing about this… I am sure most of you are already aware due to the extensive media courage that Ed Sheeran is set to release his third studio album ‘Divide’ on the 3rd of march. I thought it would be fun to share wth you my thoughts and feeling pre-release of this album.

I became a fan of Ed shortly after plus was released so this is the second full-length album I have had to wait for. I’m going to start by discussing the obvious point which is the name.. I have lost count of a number of times people have asked me about the names, I think the names are awesome. I think it’s nice to have a set of albums that have a link between them associating them with the artist. For example Adele with her albums names being numbers.

The colour is another main point, I like that each album has its own colour. It helps to distinguish between the three and I feel give a personality to them, which sounds super weird but when you listen to them so much you do begin to associate the colours with the music. As for the blue, I have to admit I am not too keen on some of the merchandise I have seen however I said the same with the green colour and now I love it so much.

Onto the music itself here is the track listing;

  • Eraser
  • Castle On The Hill
  • Dive
  • Shape Of You
  • Perfect
  • Galway Girl
  • Happier
  • Hearts Don’t Break Around here
  • New Man
  • What Do I Know?
  • How Would You Feel (paean)
  • Supermarket Flowers

deluxe edition extra tracks

  • Barcelona
  • Biblia Be Ye Ye
  • Nancy Mulligan
  • save myself

Of course, we have heard Castle on the hill and Shape of you as they have been released as singles, but apart from that, we haven’t heard any. Before multiply we had already heard I see fire, All of the stars, Tenerife sea and even my dad does sometimes. Before the release of Multipy Ed released a new song every day leading to the release, I really hope he doesn’t do that this time because I just want to listen to it as a whole, however by the time this post come out we would also have heard the track ‘How would you feel’ as it comes out in 7 hours at the time I am writing this post so I am super excited for that but I don’t want to ruin the album by hearing too much before.

As for what we know about these songs so far ‘Perfect’ is going to be the big love song on this album as Ed himself has said he thinks he has topped thinking out loud with this one.

supermarket flowers is about his nan and her death, Ed sang about his grandad in the track ‘afire love’ on multiply so this song is going to be another personal one.

Does the song ‘new man’ have anything to do with the track on Multiply ‘The man’ ? this is something I really want to know as Ed has said that he kind of regrets putting that song out there so could this be him trying to show a different perspective.

A few writers come on this album that makes me super excited Ryan Tedder of one republic co-wrote the song happier. I love Ryan’s writing style so he and Ed together should be amazing. Amy Wadge is given writing credits on 4 songs, she and Ed work really well together so I can’t wait to hear what they have done this time.

Benny Blanco produces the majority of this record, I love his work he does such a fantastic job at everything he works on.

Overall I have really high hopes for this album, I have waited so long for another album from Ed and the fact we will have it in under two makes me so happy. As for the divide tour I feel it is going to be bigger and better than anything thus far, Ed’s grammy performance on Sunday night was so well put together and I love the new loop pedal. I was actually lucky enough to get my hands on some tickets this week on resale site tickets. I highly recommend them over places like StubHub (as I think was made apparent in my last post)


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