I met Ed Sheeran and went perfume shopping with Jedward?

Hi, guys, I know this is a super random time to post but I need tell you all about what happened today.It was pretty crazy…

So today (21st February) 4 friends and I traveled to London in hope of meeting Ed Sheeran at the BBC as he was doing a live lounge.

We got into London at just gone 9 am and traveled by tube to The BBC broadcasting house. Ed was due to arrive at 10 and we got there at about 9:40. We couldn’t get to a barrier as all the space was taken up but we managed to get just behind some people.Kevin Ed’s security guy came out and made sure everyone had their phones ready for Ed to take pictures as he needed to get into the radio station quickly. Ed came out and got closer to us and grabbed my phone, but I wasn’t prepared so he had to like mess around with my snapchat to try and get it working again, which was really funny because he looked so confused. I got a selfie with him and he took a letter I wrote him and a drawing from my friend. He didn’t stay out too long as I guess he needed to go in.

We then decided when people started to move away from that we were going to stay to try and meet him again when he came out. We sat for about an hour and a half until out of nowhere Jedward appear. John jumps over the barrier and takes my glasses and takes a selfie with me. Edward then came out and I managed to get a picture with him too. They then went inside and we started to wait again for Ed.

We waited until about 1:30 when Ed’s car left, he didn’t stop for more pictures which I guess was understandable because there was a lot of the same people. Next thing I know everyone is screaming, I look over towards the door and standing there is Katy Perry. She said she was going to record something and then come out and see fans.

About 10 minutes after that Jedward leave. Now this is where it get interesting. They take photos with loads of
people and stuff and then they come over to me and my friends. They seemed to really like us and we made conversation with them, took selfies, they phoned my Mum and they signed my phone. I thought they were just going to jump in some car and leave. I was mistaken they stayed with me and a couple of other people for when Katy came out, John even lifted me up so I could see her and I managed to get some pictures of her.


After Katy leaves everyone else does and the people start to take barriers down, Jedward are still there with us. They stood around for like another 15 minutes taking pictures with people. Everyone apart from like 10 of us left, the boys then started walking up the road before turning around and telling us to come with them. Me and my 4 friends walked with John while the others walked ahead with Edward. they were literally the craziest/best people I have ever met. They took us into boots to try and find Katy Perrys perfume. So we spent ages with them before they finally got in an Uber and left.

I was so happy that after 6 years I finally got a decent selfie with Ed however, John and Edward are some of the wackiest and nicest people I have ever met. The fact they fangirled and sang Ed Sheeran with me in a busy street was just super cool and I definitely need to meet them again because they were so much fun.Thank you Jedward for the best day.

You can buy their new single ‘Oxygen’ here; https://itun.es/gb/XvOchb

PS Edward say he loves this website


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