5 favourite album covers of all time / five on Friday (1)

Hello guys, today I am going to share with you the first post in a new series I am going to update each week.

This series is inspired by ARTV, I’m sure you are aware of him but if you aren’t ARTV is a youtube channel run by a man named Jon. He posts all sorts of amazing music content ranging from, album and single reviews to rants and Q&A’s. He has a series on his channel called 7 on Sunday where he will do a countdown on a specific topic. I love the series and I thought it would be super cool to start it up over on this blog, however, I will be calling it 5 on Friday. If you want to check Jon out here are the links to his channels, I highly recommend you do because he isn’t just an amazing music critic but a really genuine down to earth person.

ARTV : youtube.com/ARTV

Beyond ARTV:youtube.com/beyondARTV

So let’s jump into it, as you can see by the title I am going to countdown my top 5 album covers.If you read my last blog post Why I choose vinyl you will know that I think album artwork is really important and I love to look at and be surrounded by it.

Here are my top 5 album covers of all time:


Hozier, Hozier (2014)

This cover was painted by Hozier’s mother  Raine Hozier-Byrne. He explained in an interview with BBC radio 1 that he isn’t visually gifted however his Mum is an amazing artist. The landscape in place of where his skin would be and makes for an amazing abstract piece that’s guaranteed to stand out on a crowded shelf.


The who, my generation (1965)

This album artwork isn’t anything too special however I seem to love it. I actually have this framed on my wall in my room, I love the bursts of red and blue and the hard font.I feel this cover has an edgy vibe which is reflected in the album itself, and it’s a pleasure to look at it every day.


Prince, Sign ‘O’ The Times (1987)

This album covers really stands out to me as one that portrays princes sense of self-awareness. It’s basically suggesting his best years were behind him (which as we know obviously wasn’t true) . Not only do I love the meaning behind the image I am in love with the tone and the colouring, Art director Laura LiPuma and photographer Jeff Katz did a really good job in creating such an amazing piece of artwork to add to Princes ever growing bank of iconic album covers.


The 1975, I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. (2016)

This is simplicity at its finest. A subtle pink glow against a white background creates a light tone but yet bold statement.It’s simple yet seriously effective.


Royal blood, Royal blood(2014)

This artwork was created by artist Dan Hillier and the piece itself is called ‘Falls’, it is inspired by Victorian etchings.I love the small details through the image, I think it is incredibly unique noadays for album covers to have depth and inspiration but this one clearly does, it’s a real gem.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, it is a series I would really love to carry on as I have had a lot of fun writing it and I have loads of ideas for future posts. However, I will still continue to have my main post up every Sunday in addition to this, but in super excited to start posting twice a week.

What’s your favourite album cover? comment below or get

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