Blossoms/ Brighton Dome.

Hello everybody, today I am back with another concert review/experience post. I was lucky enough to be able to go and see indie-pop five piece Blossoms last night in Brighton and it was rather insane, to say the least…

My friend and I got to the venue at four and doors opened at seven so we had a three-hour wait sitting on the freezing cold pavement. In all fairness, we probably didn’t need to wait that long but we did anyway just to make sure we were near the front.

So like I say doors opened at seven, we were the first people in and we managed to get to the centre of the barrier.yay.

At half past seven the first support act Rory Wynne began, I thought he was very good. He had astonishing stage presence and his vocals were on point for still only being 17 years of age. It was a shame the rest crowd weren’t as into him as I was, however, I wouldn’t hesitate to see him again.

There was a 15-minute changeover before the second support act Cabbage hit the stage. It was pretty mad from there onwards, It was my first experience in a mosh pit and I guess I enjoyed it. As far as the music itself goes it wasn’t anything I would personally go back to but It did create a really chaotic and exciting atmosphere. They have a lot of stamina I’ll give them that.

Finally, after the hours of waiting it was finally time and Blossoms strutted to stage to Kanye West’s ‘Black skinhead’.

‘Hi we’re blossoms from Stockport’

They opened with ‘At most a kiss’ to get the crowd going, Tom’s voice was just as it sounds on the record and they all looked liked they were genuinely putting their all into the show, which just makes me love them even more.

The setlist followed as;
Across the Moor
Smashed Pianos Honey Sweet
Blown Rose
My Favourite Room
Cut Me and I’ll Bleed
Polka Dot Bones
Deep Grass

The whole show was spectacular but If I had to choose a standout moment it would have to be when Tom went solo while the others took a break and played My favourite room. It’s my favourite song on the album and It was calm which grounded and settled the crowd for the final songs.

The show ended with Charlemagne, I was gutted the show was coming to an end but I couldn’t help but to jump and uncontrollably scream along. I was shocked at the amount of energy they all appeared to have even at the end because I was exhausted so I dread to think how they felt.

After the show, we headed to the merch stand before making our way to the back of the venue in the hope of meeting the boys. We waited for about 5 minutes before Charlie came out, we managed to get a picture and he signed my ticket.We stood and spoke to him for a bit before he went back inside.

Next out was Rory Wynne, he was so nice and stopped and took pictures before getting me a T-shirt from inside the venue.

Josh then came out and kindly signed my ticket.

About 10 minutes later a security guard came out and told us that the remaining members had left via the front entrance and they were still around there if we wanted to go and see them.

Round the front, I saw all the boys but we were pushed for time so I only got Tom to sign my ticket and get a picture with.

I had such a fantastic night, I want to say thank you to Blossoms, Cabbage and Rory Wynne for putting on such a memorable show.



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